Nemo & Friends SeaRider Soft Opening and Exterior Photos ?

Hey, fellow Explorers! We are approaching the grand opening of the newest attraction at Tokyo DisneySea, Nemo & Friends SeaRider in Port Discovery (Friday, May 12, 2017). In our last post, we showcased the adorable merchandise and delicious snacks to celebrate the opening — you Explorers went nuts for it! I can admit, that popcorn bucket is life.

The scaffolding is starting to come down at a rapid rate as they get ready to open (I have photos at the bottom of this post)! ?

One question that has come up across all our social media channels — Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter — is “When are they doing a soft opening for Nemo & Friends SeaRider?” In our latest podcast episode, we talk about soft openings and sneak previews, so make sure you give that a listen.

The short answer is “We don’t know”, as it’s not announced when they do them. But, I have some educated guesses about when it could happen. Remember, these are just my thoughts and guesses and I can’t say for sure when a soft opening or sneak preview will occur. ?

Nemo & Friends SeaRider Tokyo DisneySea Front Full

Nemo & Friends SeaRider Soft Opening ?

The best chance for a soft opening is likely after May 9, 2017. The reason for that is, the resort ran a Twitter contest and the winners get a sneak preview of the attraction on May 8, 2017. So, after that, there’s a high chance of a soft opening between May 9th and 11th. Chances are it will happen on May 11, the day before the official opening.

There are a few ways to see if the attraction is open:

  • Check the wait times board in the Mediterranean Harbor. They may put the wait time there before the official open.
  • Check the #TDR_now hashtag on Twitter. People will post if there is a sneak preview.
    • Look for the word 「スニークプレビュー」or simply 「スニーク」. Which is “sneak preview” or “sneak” for short in Japanese.

They may do a soft opening before May 8 but I can’t say for sure. Since the week before is one of the busiest weeks at Tokyo Disney Resort due to Golden Week. Which could be a good time to test capacity.

Of course, there’s a high chance I am wrong on all accounts.

Will they do a soft opening on “X” date? ?

The resort doesn’t announce soft openings, they just happen (except for the winners of the Twitter contest). So, we don’t know if it’ll happen on a specific date or not. Keep an eye on Twitter and check the wait times board to see if anything is happening.

If you happen to see the attraction open during your visit — before May 12 — let us know on Twitter or wherever you follow us!

Nemo & Friends SeaRider Exterior Photos ?

Some more photos of the exterior as more of the scaffolding comes down!

Nemo & Friends SeaRider Tokyo DisneySea Front Nemo & Friends SeaRider Tokyo DisneySea Side Nemo & Friends SeaRider Tokyo DisneySea Statue Nemo & Friends SeaRider Tokyo DisneySea Statue Full

Nemo & Friends SeaRider Tokyo DisneySea FastPass

FastPass Distribution

Nemo & Friends SeaRider Tokyo DisneySea Banners Nemo & Friends SeaRider Tokyo DisneySea Signage

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  1. Mike Andrews

    The main building is so nice looking. I was there on Thursday and so many people were taking pictures in front of both the building and the little statue (myself included!). There was still a wall up around the outside que on the left side at that point, Hopefully they find a way to keep the special effect from Storm Rider of something coming through the roof of the guest vehicle, that was always my favorite part!

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