New Goods Available at Tokyo Disney Resort for June 2015

There is a lot of updates to the merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort this month. We have it all here for you, so make your list and buy your favourites while you can! If you are viewing this via email please visit the site for all the full photos.

Winnie the Pooh Kitchen Goods

Now on sale at Pooh Corner and Venetian Carnival Market in Tokyo Disneyland Park.


Check out these new fun stationary goods for school or for the office! Available at select locations.


Only available at the Home Store and Villa Donaldo Home Shop.

Glowing Yo-Yos

Check out the new Glowing Big Yo-Yo’s at Toy Station in Tokyo Disneyland.


Don’t get caught in the rain! New umbrellas are available at Kingdom Treasures, Town Center Fashions and Figaro’s Clothiers.


Available at the Home Store and Villa Donaldo Home Shop.

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