New Head and Hairbands Available at Tokyo Disney Resort

New head and hairbands are now available at Tokyo Disney Resort. Add a little fashion to your Disney Wardrobe with these stylish accessories.


You can find these headbands at both Town Center Fashions (Tokyo Disneyland) and Tower of Terror Memorabilia (Tokyo DisneySea).

¥ 1,400 each
Minnie Mouse Headband Red Minnie Mouse Headband Pink Minnie Mouse Headband Purple

¥ 1,800 each
Black Studded Minnie Headband Black Studded Mickey Headband

¥ 1,200 each
Fuzzy Minnie Headband Fuzzy Wizard Mickey Headband

¥ 1,400 each
Minnie Red Bow Headband Minnie Purple Bow Headband Minnie Lepard Print Bow Headband

¥ 1,400
Minnie Bow Headband Black Polkadot Minnie Bow Headband Red Polkadot Minnie Bow Headband Blue Polkadot

Hair Bands

You can find these hair bands at both Harrington’s Jewellery & Watches (Tokyo Disneyland) and Bella Minni Collections (Tokyo DisneySea).

¥ 1,300 each
Mickey Hair Band Minnie Hair Band

¥ 1,500
Multi-coloured Hair Bands

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