New Japan Starbucks Mug Comes to Ikspiari

Starbucks has launched a new Japan-themed mug as part of its popular You Are Here Collection. The mug is available at locations across Japan in October, including the Starbucks at Tokyo Disney Resort’s Ikspiari.

The new mug launches on 2 October and features Mt Fuji, snow monkeys relaxing in a hot spring, and iconic Japanese cherry blossom. Starbucks’ announcement says sushi and ramen are on the reverse too! The mug is available in two sizes, the full-sized mug costs ¥1,800 ($16USD) while the smaller espresso cup will set you back ¥1,200 ($10.60USD).

Starbucks is hugely popular in Japan, and while there are no Starbucks in Disneyland or DisneySea, guests can grab a caffeine boost and buy the new mug at Ikspiari, the Resort’s shopping and entertainment area.

Ikspiari is located just outside Tokyo Disney Resort’s Maihama Station, just turn left out of the station and you’re there. Guests who plan to walk to DisneySea can then keep walking through the shopping area to the park. While those on the way to Disneyland can grab a coffee, and then backtrack to the station and continue to the park.

If Starbucks and mugs aren’t your thing, Ikspiari has a large selection of Japanese and Western style restaurants and shops, as well as a cinema.

Image and information from the Starbucks press release.

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  1. rohanellis

    I am so excited for the launch of this mug! I have 27 in my collection already and have been waiting for Japan to get their on. I am back in Tokyo early December and I will be on the hunt. Fingers crossed they have heaps in stock. So excited!

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