How to Buy Tickets for New Year’s Eve 2018 at Tokyo Disney Resort

It’s that time of year again, where you need to think about what you’re going to do for New Years. What? Don’t you plan 4-5 months in advance? Well, if you want to have the chance to attend the special New Year’s program at Tokyo Disney Resort, you have to.

Tickets aren’t simple to get and I’ll explain the different ways available to get them. Please note that both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea close at 17:00 and 18:00 on December 31 to get ready for the event. All information here is from the official website.

New Year’s Eve at Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo DisneySea New Years 2017 Entrance Decoration

Guests attending the New Year’s Eve event can enjoy the park from December 31, 2018, starting at 20:00 until 22:00 the following day (January 1, 2018). You begin at one park, then at 04:00 you are able to park hop between the parks. This means you have the ability to spend 26 hours in the Parks!

Guests who have normal day tickets for January 1, 2018, are able to enter either Park starting at 02:00.

During the event attractions, entertainment, restaurants, and stores are open for guests to enjoy. The entertainment is on a special schedule (the times are in the special park map you’ll receive). When the clock strikes midnight, a special fireworks show is presented above both Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea.

Attendees are given the chance to buy a special one-day design for the monorail, which you’ll use to go between the parks. Also, they give out a free gift to everyone who attends. Past years it has been items like a special glow stick (nothing too fancy).

How to Get Tickets

There are a few ways to get tickets for the event. These are the only ways to attend the event. You cannot buy tickets at the gates. You have to either win the lottery or stay at a Disney Hotel or Official Hotel over December 31 to buy tickets.

Remember: If you have a day ticket for January 1, 2018, you’re able to enter the park starting at 02:00 (yes that early in the morning).

Enter the Lottery

The easiest and least expensive way is by entering the lottery online. The only downside is you need to have an address in Japan and the form is only in Japanese. You’re best asking a friend for help. You’re able to enter the lottery once for each park (you start in one park then you can hop to the other after 04:00).

  • First Round:
    • September 11, 2018, from 12:00 until October 2, 17:00
    • You’ll be notified via email between October 10 ~ 12th
  • Second Round:
    • October 23, 2018, from 12:00 until November 11, 17:00
    • You’ll be notified via email between November 11 ~ 15th
  • Third Round:
    • November 20, 2018, from 12:00 until December 13, 17:00
    • You’ll be notified via email between December 18 ~ 19th
    • E-Ticket Only (through the official Tokyo Disney Resort app in Japanese only) and it not mailed to you
    • Only able to visit ONE park
    • Unable to purchase the special monorail ticket
  • Cost: ¥9,700 ($89USD) per ticket (above the age of 4)
  • Payment: Credit Card Only
  • Each entry one person can ask up to 5 tickets
  • Tickets are mailed to you within Japan only

Those that win in the first or second round have the chance to buy a special one-day or two-day monorail pass at the monorail station. This comes with a limited time New Year’s design.

If you win in the third round, you don’t need a Japanese address as the ticket is done through the e-ticket system through the official Tokyo Disney Resort app. You’ll have to create an account to get the ticket.

All information translated from the official Tokyo Disney Resort website. This where you enter the lottery when it opens up.

Booking a Disney Hotel

Lobby Ceiling Disney Ambassador Hotel Review Tokyo Disney Resort

If you are staying at a Disney Hotel over the New Year’s time period, you’re able to buy tickets for the New Year’s Eve event right at the hotel (without having to enter the lottery). But it’s not that easy. In order to book a hotel for December 31, you’ll have to phone to make a two-night reservation (it’s not accepted online due to the demand). So you’ll have to phone and ask for an interpreter if you don’t speak Japanese (or get a friend to help you out).

Booking an Official Hotel

Hilton Tokyo Bay

Another way is to stay at one of the Official Hotels. You are able to buy park tickets for the New Year’s event right at the hotel.

While they are easier to book, they book up fast. I checked all the rooms and couldn’t find any rooms available. If you have any luck, please let us know in the comments. Hilton Tokyo Bay has rooms available, but they are ridiculously overpriced.

  • Hilton Tokyo Bay
    • Rooms are available starting at ¥123,730 ($1,133USD) for a Twin Hilton Room Ocean.
  • No rooms at the following:
    • Sunroute Plaza Tokyo
    • Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel
    • Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel
    • Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort
    • Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay
NameOfficial WebsiteBooking.comAgodaRecommended
Hilton Tokyo BayCheck RatesCheck RatesCheck Rates
Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay HotelCheck RatesCheck Rates
Check Rates
Sunroute Plaza TokyoCheck Rates
Check Rates
Tokyo Bay Maihama HotelCheck Rates
Check Rates
Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club ResortCheck Rates
Check Rates
Hotel Okura Tokyo BayCheck RatesCheck Rates
Check Rates

Is it Worth it?

If you’re able to get tickets, then I think it’s worth doing at least once. It’s the only time (that I am aware of) that you are able to go into the parks overnight. The fireworks display at midnight is fun and is the only time you’re able to see that show. I wouldn’t pay for an expensive hotel just for tickets, however.

The best tip or advice I can give is watching the sunrise atop the S.S.Columbia. There’s something special about watching the first sunrise of the year at the best Disney Park in the world in my favourite spot in the entire park. Also, you should be able to see Mt. Fuji, too (along with Mt. Prometheus).

Read more about my experience with New Year’s and read my tips.

Are you going?

Are you planning on trying for tickets this year? If so, let me know in the comments!

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    I only just thought today about trying to go to Disney for NYE…I am going to put in for the lottery and I do have a Japanese address however, do you know if I am successful in the second lottery round I can get an E-ticket instead? We will be heading out of the country mid-December, returning to Tokyo on the 31st!

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    So a New Year’s Day ticket will get you in 02:00? Is there any special procedure to buy this ticket or regular procedure applies? Also how will Fastpasses work with those holding a New Year’s Day ticket if you can enter at 02:00 and those with New Year”s Eve tickets don’t need to leave until 04:00?

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    Were we supposed to receive an e-mail about the lottery results even if we lost? I never got anything at all, but the reservation number is still sitting uselessly in my Disney account. There is no option to pay. I don’t know if I got it or not. This seems like a really confusing way to go about it.

  6. Elizabeth

    We got reservations to stay away Hilton Tokyo Bay door 12/31/19-1/2/20 so that we can go to the NYE event this year. We’re confused about how to get tickets to the NYE event and when to purchase them. The information from the hotel isn’t clear either. Can you help us understand how it should work?

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