Nintendo Tokyo Store Merchandise

The first official Nintendo Store in Japan opened in November 2019 in the heart of Shibuya, Tokyo. Since I’m a massive Nintendo fan, I had to go check it out. Not surprisingly, there’s a staggering amount of merchandise. A mixture of exclusive items to ones you’d find almost anywhere else throughout Japan.

I’m not sure why it took so long for Japan to get its own official Nintendo store, but that doesn’t matter now. We have one and it’s glorious. I’m going to show you what merchandise you’ll find at the store. That way you can get upset with me when you finally visit and that item isn’t there anymore.

Don’t forget, Super Nintendo World is also opening at Universal Studios Japan in the future!

Nintendo Store Tokyo Merchandise

The Nintendo Store Tokyo is on the 6th Floor of the PARCO Department Store. There’s also the Pokemon Center Shibuya on the same floor! It’s best to not tell your credit card where you’re going, to avoid any panicked screams. OK, let’s get to looking at the merchandise!

Oh, and don’t forget to take your photo outside on the terrace.

Updated August 2020: New Animal Crossing, Paper Mario: Origami King, & LEGO Mario merchandise. The LEGO Mario items are also available on Amazon.

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Storefront Details

The front of the store is wide open and there’s no mistake that it’s Nintendo. Also, their plastic bags are top-notch.

Nintendo TOKYO

This is exclusive merchandise you’ll only find in the Nintendo Store Tokyo. With it’s “Nintendo TOKYO” branding and character montages. The T-Shirt is expensive at 4,800 yen (US$45). There’s a lot of items to peruse through.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

We’re all playing Animal Crossing and that’s a fact. If you haven’t already, what are you waiting for? The merchandise is extremely adorable. My only issue is with the t-shirts as they’re not unisex. I’m an average-sized guy and sadly as much as I want the shirts they aren’t going to fit me.

These are the new Animal Crossing items! The new shirts are much bigger and should fit many of us.

The Legend of Zelda

My first Zelda game was The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the Super Nintendo. Since then, I’ve been a massive fan of the franchise. My heart was singing when I got to play “A Link Between Worlds.” The line up of merchandise ranges from keychains to straight-up business attire and I’m here for it.


Longtime Explorers know that I have no shame in my love for Pocket Monsters. Even though there’s a Pokémon Center, literally, across the way from the Nintendo Store, you’ll find these awesome Super Mario x Pokémon collaboration items. The Pokémon Center has Pokémon x Super Mario items, how cool is that?

Don’t forget there’s also a Pokémon Cafe in Tokyo that you need to visit.

Super Mario

It comes at no surprise that there are a plethora of Super Mario branded items. Its sheer volume of choice is overwhelming and my inner 5-year-old self is screaming. Alright, let’s jump onto what’s available!

Brand new Paper Mario: The Origami King items that are exclusive to the Nintendo Store TOKYO. Including cute origami sets!

LEGO Mario is also available here. If you can’t make it to Japan to buy them, they’re also available on Amazon.


I’ll admit I haven’t played Splatoon as much as the other franchises mentioned here. With that said, the number of items to choose from will make any fan grin ear to ear. Let’s see what you can get your hands on.


My all-time favourite Kirby game is Kirby’s Avalanche on the Super Nintendo. The fond memories of my childhood revolve around that game. I’m not even sure why, to be honest. It’s just plain fun I suppose. Either way, there’s some irresistible merchandise.

In conclusion, you’re going to spend a lot of money while at the Nintendo Store. What items are you eyeing up?



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