November 2016 Part II Merchandise Update

Another merchandise update for November 2016 at Tokyo Disney Resort! Our first update covered Christmas specific merchandise, this update focuses on Pandora, Dreamlights, A Table is Waiting and other items for Christmas!

Pandora Jewelry Comes to Tokyo Disney Resort

Pandora is available at the following locations at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea:

  • Harington’s Jewelry & Watches
  • Bella Minni Collections
  • MickeyAngello Gifts
  • Bon Voyage

Mickey Screen Debut Merchandise

Mickey Screen Debut Merchandise will be available from November 18 at the Grand Emporium and Emporio.

Tokyo Disneyland Dreamlights Christmas Stuffed Badges

Stuffed Badges are available starting November 10 at Toy Station.

A Table Is Waiting Christmas Stuffed Badges

Stuffed Badges are available starting November 14 at McDuck’s Department Store.

Various Toys for Christmas

Gift Toys for Christmas are available at Toy Station.

Do Your Best! Merchandise

Do Your Best! Merchandise is available at House of Greetings and II Postino Stationery. This coincides with students studying for exams.

All images from the official Tokyo Disney Resort website.

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  1. Mariela Ortiz

    Oh NOW they start selling Pandora?

    Though at least in those illustrations I’m not seeing any TDR exclusives? Yet? I was already super sad because my favorite of the Shanghai exclusive beads was one of the gold ones and out of my price range. 🙁

    But seriously I just left!

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