Orange Marmalade Popcorn Review

The latest limited popcorn flavour at Tokyo Disney Resort is the Orange Marmalade. Here is what we think of this strange and unique flavour. You can check out our other popcorn reviews too.

Orange Marmalade Popcorn Cart at DisneySea

Orange Marmalade Popcorn Cart at DisneySea

What Is Inside

If you do not opt to get one of the various popcorn buckets, such as the Frozen Fantasy Bucket at Tokyo Disneyland, you will get the standard red cardboard box.


The popcorn has a slight orange tinge colour.

Orange Marmalade Popcorn

It has a hint of orange to it.

How is it?

As a fan of anything citrus, this was right up my alley. The orange flavour was not too strong nor sweet. Think of it as the orange Flintstone Vitamin  tablets you had as a child. The after taste was tangy and you could feel residue on your teeth.

Orange Marmalade Popcorn at Tokyo Disney Resort

If you are a fan of citrus then you will want to give this a try.

Should You Get It?

Do you love citrus? If you answered yes, then you will certainly enjoy this flavour. If you did not enjoy the taste of Flintstone vitamins then you can give this one a pass and try the Milk Tea Popcorn instead.

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