Our 29 Perfect Christmas Gifts at Tokyo DisneySea

It is that time of year again at Tokyo DisneySea. Christmas Wishes officially kicked off on November 7th, 2014. Merchandise has been available since the 1st. From stationary to plush to winter clothing, there is something for everyone to find that perfect Disney Gift. Here are our choices for perfect Christmas Gifts at Tokyo DisneySea for Christmas 2014.

iPhone Accessories

These accessories are an easy win for that teenager on your list who lives on their iPhone.

iPhone Case Christmas Wishes 2014

Over the top design but it just works.

Christmas Wishes 2014

If you get the iPhone case you have to get the matching Phone straps.


Have a fan of shot glasses on your list? This kitchenware will not disappoint.

Christmas Wishes 2014

Use this to add some rum to that delicious egg nog.

Christmas Wishes 2014 Glass

Put your egg nog and rum in this elegantly designed glass.

Christmas Wishes 2014 Mug

If you want to be more discreet with your egg nog and rum, then this is a perfect choice


If you have someone on your list who loves stationary, then these items are perfect.

Plastic Folder for Park Maps Christmas Wishes 2014

Keep your park maps and fast passes dry!

Christmas Wishes 2014 Stickers

Decorate your Christmas cards this year with these stickers.

Christmas Wishes 2014 Stickers

Closer look at the stickers, now you have to get them.

Christmas Wishes 2014 Postcard

Send your Christmas Cards directly from DisneySea with this beautiful postcard and use the stickers!

Christmas Wishes 2014 Window Sticker

Replace those old and faded stickers on your car with this over the top Christmas Wishes Sticker.

Christmas Wishes 2014 Pens

Write out those postcards and Christmas cards with both of these elegant pens.

Christmas Wishes 2014 Pens

Or use these pens too, or make it easy on yourself. Just get them both.

Christmas Wishes 2014 Stamps

Now, after you bought the supplies (Postcard, Pens, and Stickers) now it is time to send the post cards. You can buy all the stamps to keep too.


For the collector on your list, these limited items will be the perfect addition.

Phone Straps Christmas Wishes 2014

All your favourite Disney characters are keychains / straps. Perfect for stocking stuffers.

Christmas Wishes 2014 Pin

An easy win for the Disney Pin collector on your list

Christmas Wishes 2014 Magnet

Stick your secret egg nog recipe on the fridge with this seasonal magnet! (Notice how everything relates back to Egg Nog some how?)

Christmas Wishes 2014 Photo Frame

Frame that perfect family photo you took in the Harbour.

Christmas Wishes 2014 Photo Frame

A closer look at the photo frame, specifically Chip N Dale. Because we love Chip N Dale, a lot.

Minnie Mouse Hair Band Christmas Wishes 2014

Adorable Minnie Mouse hairband

Christmas Wishes 2014 Towel

Seasonal towel, who does not want those?

Christmas Wishes 2014 Handkerchief

Wipe all those snowflakes from your brow with this lovely print handkerchief.

Christmas Wishes 2014 Drawstring Bag

Carry all your park supplies in this cute draw string bag.

Character Straps and Plush

The ever popular character straps and plush, which all featured their costumes for Christmas Wishes 2014. For those hard to buy people on your list.

Mickey and Minnie Large Plush Christmas Wishes 2014

If you want a larger Mickey and Minnie in their beautiful Christmas Wishes outfits.

Pluto Plush Christmas Wishes 2014

Pluto Plush in his adorable outfit for Christmas Wishes.

Mickey and Minnie Plush Christmas Wishes 2014

Mickey and Minnie in their new beautiful outfits for this year

Donald and Daisy Christmas Wishes 2014 Plush

Donald and Daisy Christmas Wishes 2014 Plush

Chip N Dale Plush Christmas Wishes 2014

Our favourite duo wearing their costumes for this years Christmas Wishes

Those are our top choices for the perfect Christmas gift this year. If you enjoy viewing all the unique merchandise from Tokyo Disney Resort then make sure not to miss our other posts. Also, make sure to subscribe to never miss a post.

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