Our Experience of Booking Shanghai Disneyland for Opening Day

I am happy to say that we were successful in securing a room at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel for opening day! After expected website errors, I was able to book a Garden View Room at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel for June 16 to 19, 2016 (I will do a cost breakdown below).

Being a guest at the resort hotel guarantees park admission during the dates we are at the hotel. I bought the tickets before booking the hotel, just to play it safe. I was unsure if booking the hotel would happen or not.

I first tried booking right at 1:01AM (Tokyo time) as the reservation system came online. Given the demand, it was no surprise that the website was having major issues. The English portion of the site was showing up in Chinese. Unable to book tickets or hotel rooms by 2AM, I decided to head to bed.

When I woke up at 5:30AM, I was able to book the hotel and tickets without any issues.

Shanghai Disneyland Ticket Buying Errors

This was the “English” version of the site. They were having major problems as soon as the bookings opened.

I am incredibly excited and fortunate to have the opportunity to visit a Disney Park on its grand opening day!  I have no idea what to expect from this experience, but I know it’s gonna be memorable!

What I am most looking forward to the castle and TRON!

Are any of you going to the grand opening?  If so, let us know!



The following is a simple breakdown of the costs. I am keeping it simple by putting it into Japanese Yen and USD.

  • Shanghai Disneyland Hotel (Garden View) for 4 Adults (3 nights): 1,400.75USD or 158,796JPY (350.18USD or 39,699JPY per person)
  • Park Tickets (2-day Ticket for June 16 and 17):  145.55USD or 16,502JPY
  • Park Ticket (1-day Ticket for June 18):  76.44USD or 8,668JPY
  • Total: 572.17USD or 64,869JPY

You can only buy park tickets for up to 2 days. The total includes my portion of the hotel room (split by 4 people) and the tickets.

Additional costs for me are my one-night hotel and flight from Tokyo:

  • The QUBE Pudong Hotel: 96.92USD or 10,999JPY
  • ANA Flight from Narita to Pudong Airport: 326.34USD or 37,030JPY

Grand Total: 995.43USD or 112,898JPY



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  1. Jo Cowan

    That’s wonderful. We’ve just had a look at it. But wouldn’t be able to do anything until 2017. We’ve just explored Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea and had a wonderful time being able to stay in the Hilton Tokyo Bay and spend 10 days in the parks and Ikspiari. We absolutely loved it. Shanghai will be the only park we haven’t visited yet. Travelling with a wheelchair has its challenges, so would be really interested in any insights you gain about access for disabled guests in the parks.

  2. TheDisneyMagic

    Great news, we secured ours last night as well, 16th in Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and 17th-20th in the Toy Story hotel. (I may try and switch one of the days in Toy Story for additional time in SDlH. (web site would only let me select onw day at a time originally)

    Will be having a few days in Hong Kong before opening and now on the look for a hotel on the 15th.

    Hopefully see you over there.

  3. Smag

    Got my tickets too… But do you have any plan for an non Disney hotel ? Looking for an hotel not too far and on line 11

  4. TDR Explorer

    Hi Jo!

    I will keep an eye out about accessibility while we are visiting. How did you find it for Tokyo Disney Resort? I have been curious to hear thoughts from someone who has experienced it first hand.

  5. TDR Explorer

    On the evening of the 15th, I am staying at the The QUBE Pudong which is north west of the park (and north east of the airport). Got it for just under ¥10,000 for the night through expedia.

  6. Nikki Roman

    Hi we tried to buy tickets and pay for reservation on March 27th but it won’t accept our Visa Debit Card and keeps saying that the CVN is incorrect. Did anyone use a Debit and it worked for them? Maybe they only take Credit Card?

  7. Jo Cowan

    HI – I’ve responded to your request for writers. I’d love the opportunity to provide you with some information for an article about the TDR parks and getting about with a wheelchair. We think they really step up and never got frustrated in anyway that we don’t speak Japanese (only hello, goodbye, thank you) and we have a wheelchair. We think they are lovely people – makes us want to work there :).

  8. TheDisneyMagic

    Hi Chris, thanks again for the tip!

    It was lovely to meet you all at The Qube, have a fantastic time over here.

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