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The past year TDRExplorer has grown in readers who turn to us for the latest and best information about Tokyo Disney Resort. All in English of course. What did our readers find the most interesting? We dug deep into our analytics, which revealed interesting results. Here’s what got the most attention the past year at TDRExplorer, in no particular order!

When Should You Visit Tokyo Disney Resort

When to visit Tokyo Disney Resort

Not surprising that this article made its way to this list. Deciding when you should come to Tokyo Disney Resort, and Japan in general, is the first decision you make. Japan has a variety of holidays that are not common or known in other parts of the world. Golden Week is one of those holidays! If you’re planning on visiting in 2016, we have the perfect guide for you to check out.

Limited Big Hero 6 Tsum Tsums at Japan Disney Store

big hero 6 tsum japan

Big Hero 6 Tsum Tsum went on sale on March 3rd in Japan only and sold out almost immediately.

Tsum Tsums are popular (Stating the obvious aren’t I?) and when the Big Hero 6 versions were announced, the Disney Community was enthusiastic. The Japan Disney Stores were the first stores to get these. Which sold out immediately.

Guide to Buying Park Tickets for Tokyo Disney Resort

Guide to Buying Tokyo Disney Resort Tickets

Park tickets are confusing since they work slightly different than the other resorts. Our full guide takes the confusing parts of purchasing tickets and makes it dead simple! Besides deciding when to come, buying your tickets is one of the other crucial parts of your planning.

Tips for Dealing With Massive Crowds at Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disneyland Weekend Crowds Entrance

One thing which is always mentioned about the resort is, how busy the parks are. They certainly are busier on average compared to the other Disney Parks. Meaning you need to set your expectations and plan accordingly. Even the most seasoned veterans are surprised. Figuring out how to handle the massive crowds!

One Day Tour Plan for Tokyo DisneySea

One Day Tour Plan Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea is a unique park and has no equal. Not surprisingly guests wishing to plan their trip, read our tour plan for this stunning park. With many options for entertainment, dining, attractions, and atmosphere being ready helps you get the most out of your day!

Tokyo Disney Resort Receives Mickey Shaped Hand Soap

That is correct, Tokyo Disney Resort has soap dispensers that dispense soap in the shape of Mickey Ears. Introduced mid-2015 this small addition to the parks made a large number of people book their plane tickets to Tokyo (well not really but I am sure at least a few of you did!).

The past year has been an exciting one at the resort and for us here at TDRExplorer. Thank you to all our loyal readers, you are the reason we do this! When you get to Japan, let’s go for a drink at the Teddy Roosevelt Lounge!

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