Photos Inside the Iron Man Experience During the Magic Access Preview at Hong Kong Disneyland

If you’re a Magic Access Member (Annual Passholder) for Hong Kong Disneyland, earlier this month Hong Kong Disneyland offered members to sign up for an exclusive preview of the new Iron Man Experience in Tomorrowland.

One of our Explorers made it to the exclusive preview and shared a number of photos of inside the queue and the ride itself. If you don’t want to spoil anything, then I suggest heading over and reading our Hong Kong Disneyland trip report (you should read it anyway). If you don’t mind spoilers then continue reading!

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Iron Man Experience Queue & Ride Cabin

Photos include those from the queue and inside the attraction itself. The ride itself is a Star Tours clone by the looks of it. 

While I hoped for a unique attraction, having a clone of Star Tours isn’t a bad thing. Instead of just adding Star Tours to Tomorrowland they gave Hong Kong a unique attraction (and a Marvel first). 

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