Photos of the Soft Launch for Camp Woodchuck at Tokyo Disneyland

Camp Woodchuck, the newest area themed to the Junior Woodchucks, opens on November 22, 2016. We have photos of the merchandise, food, and exterior images for your viewing pleasure.

Today (November 20, 2016), the area is having a “soft launch” of the new Camp Woodchuck Kitchen and Meet and Greet with Donald and Daisy! Photos are popping up all over Twitter of the new area. Let’s take a look!

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Camp Woodchuck Kitchen

While you cannot see the food itself, the packaging is quite adorable!

Exterior and Greeting Area

Looking at the exterior with the beautiful signage and the Meet and Greet with Donald and Daisy!


There appears to be an abundance of merchandise available! That hat is a must!

Camp Woodchuck officially opens November 22, 2016, at Tokyo Disneyland.

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