Pink Pop Paradise Merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort has launched a delicious new range of ice cream themed merchandise.

The Pink Pop Paradise range features Mickey and Minnie in dapper outfits and includes plush badges, pass cases, fans, cups, and even a special spoon!

The merchandise is available now at both Parks, and some items may also be on sale at Bon Voyage and the Resort hotel shops.

There’s a new chocolate-flavoured Mickey ice cream available at Ice Cream Cones in Tokyo Disneyland, too.

For more merchandise currently at Tokyo Disney Resort, including the new Tanabata Days items, head to our 2019 Merchandise Guide.

Pink Pop Paradise Merchandise

Available at Adventureland Bazaar in Tokyo Disneyland and The Sleepy Whale Shoppe in Tokyo DisneySea.

Souvenir Snacks

Available at Pastry Palace in Tokyo Disneyland and Merchant of Venice Confection in Tokyo DisneySea.

New Ice Cream Flavour

Available at Ice Cream Cones in Tokyo Disneyland.

For more merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort in June, be sure to check out the Tanabata Days and the Toy Story 4 items.

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