Plan Your Trip to Universal Studios Japan

You read our latest announcement about our new logo right? In addition to the new logo, I also mentioned coverage that goes beyond the Disney Parks in Asia. To kick things off, I have launched our Ultimate Guide to Universal Studios Japan! Where you’ll learn what you need to know to plan a successful trip.

I’ve learned a lot from writing my other guides — specifically for Tokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Shanghai Disneyland — and applied them to this new guide. I took note of what Explorers liked and disliked in our other guides and made an effort to shape the USJ guide to make it as useful as possible.

Hope you enjoy the new guide and find it useful.

As a side note, how adorable are some of the snacks at USJ? I also uploaded a new video to YouTube showing you the best snacks to get for under ¥600 ($5 USD).

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