Episode 02 – Halloween at Tokyo DisneySea and Mediterranean Harbor Wall

Episode Info:

  • Date: September 29th, 2014
  • Episode 02
  • Halloween at Tokyo DisneySea
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Show Notes:

  1. Park News
  2. Tip of the Week
  3. Crowd Forecast (September 29th to October 13th)
  4. Halloween shows at Tokyo DisneySea
  5. Skeleton friends at Tokyo DisneySea
  6. Food for Halloween
  7. Listener Questions
  8. Next Show

1. Park News

  • New Halloween Gelatoni Stock on October 10th
  • What’s up with the Mediterranean Harbor Wall?

2. Tip of the Week

3. Crowd Forecast (Brought to you by TDRNavi)

  • September 29th to October 13th

4. Halloween Shows

  • Chip n Dale Fiesta Skeleton Parade (Lost River Delta)
  • Welcome Skeleton Friends (Lido Isle)
  • New York Halloween Follies (Water Front Park)
  • Source

5. Skeleton Friends

  • Who are they?
  • The fun atmosphere they create
  • All the different Skeletons locations
  • Which is your fave skeleton atmosphere character?

6. Black Food for Halloween

  • About the Black food trend at Tokyo Disney Resort (Tokyo DisneySea)
  • Black Gyoza – Refreshment Station
  • Black Sausage Hot Dog – Delectably Catering
  • Black Rice
  • Black Cheesecake and Blueberry – TropiALs
  • Black Orange Cream Donut – High Tide Treats

7. Listener Questions

Jonathan Cooper @dxwwf3

“Can you go to counter service restaurants and get free cups of ice water like you can in the American parks?”

Ray @rcastillojr

“When is the perfect time to visit TDR?”


8. Next Show

  • Halloween Shows at Tokyo Disneyland

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