Christmas & Halloween 2014 at Tokyo Disney Resort – Episode 04

Christmas & Halloween 2014 at Tokyo Disney Resort - Episode 04

Episode Info:

  • Date: October 27th, 2014
  • Episode 04
  • Christmas & Halloween at Tokyo Disney Resort
  • You can find us on Twitter and Facebook!


Show Notes:

  • News
  • Crowd Forecast
  • Park Tips
  • Special: Harrison High Tower (Tower of Terror)
  • Listener Questions
  • Next Episode
  • Where to Find Us

In the News:

  • Last week of October for Halloween costumes at Disneyland.
  • Gelatoni Halloween Merchandise
  • John Lasseter at Tokyo Disneyland Park
  • Last year for it’s a small world very merry holidays
  • Christmas Begins November 7th until December 25th
  • Christmas Merchandise Available November 1st
  • Duffy Merchandise – 3 Costumes
  • Gelatoni Costume
  • Egg Nog and Hot Strawberry Wine!

Crowd Forecast (Brought to you by TDRNavi):

  • October 27th to November 9th
  • National Holiday in Japan on Monday, November 3rd

Park Tips:

  • Dressing for the cold weather
  • Kairo – The handwarmers

Special: Harrison High Tower (Tower of Terror)

  • Who is Harrison High Tower?
  • History of High Tower Hotel
  • Cornelius and Rose Endicott
  • Connections between lands at Tokyo DisneySEA
  • What does SEA stand for?

Listener Questions:

  • Daley (@spacecaptMcCool) asks : Does TDR ever offer promo room discounts at the offical hotels during the low season? Like how WDW will offer 10-30% off rooms?
  • @nikkoap92 asks : Can we get tickets for the New Years Countdown Party if we stay at the Official Hotels?

Next Show

  • Indepth about Christmas at Tokyo Disney Resort
  • How you can stay connected while visiting the parks and Japan

Where to find us:

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