Episode 09 – New Years 2015 & Ordering Food in Japanese

Episode Info:

  • Date: January 12th, 2015
  • Episode 09
  • New Years 2015 & Ordering Food in Japanese
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Show Notes:

  • News
  • Meetup
  • Crowd Forecast
  • New Years Eve 2015
  • 2015 Overview at the Parks
  • Ordering Food in Japanese
  • Park Tips
  • Listener Questions
  • Next Episode
  • Where to Find Us


In the News:

  • White Christmas at the Parks
  • Campus Days
  • Tower of Terror: Level 13
  • Frozen and Tangled back in theatres
  • Baymax (Big Hero 6) and Yokai Watch
  • Cinderella Movie
  • Frozen Fantasy and Sweet Duffy Merchandise

Crowd Forecast (Brought to you by TDRNavi):

  • January 6th to 20th

New Years Eve 2015:

2015 Overview at the Parks:

  • Campus Days Discount tickets 1/6 – 3/19 (Students Only)
  • Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy
  • Sweet Duffy
  • Tower of Terror: Level 13
  • Easter at DisneySea – King Triton’s Concert & Ending of Mystic Rythms
  • Early Summer – Tanabata
  • Summer – Matsuri (Festival), Stitch Encounter, Electrical Parade Renewal
  • Fall – Villians theme at DisneySea
  • Winter – New Parade at Disneyland and Daytime show at DisneySea

Ordering Food in Japanese:

Park Tips:

  • Best times to find unique merchandise and when to expect them
  • How to buy these limited items (in the parks)

Listener Questions:

  • Imagination (@imagination) tweets : If I’m staying at a partner hotel (Sheraton), how do I book my dining online 1 month ahead?

Next Show

  • Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy
  • Looking at the Merchandise from Sweet Duffy
  • Spots to see Mt. Fuji from the parks

Where to find us:

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