Golden Week and Disney’s Easter at Tokyo Disneyland – Episode 14

Golden Week and Disney's Easter at Tokyo Disneyland - Episode 14

Episode Info:

  • Date: May 3rd, 2015
  • Episode 14
  • Golden Week & Disney’s Easter at Tokyo Disneyland
  • You can find us on Twitter and Facebook!
  • Visiting during Golden Week in Japan and we discuss everything at Tokyo Disneyland for Disney’s Easter 2015


Show Notes:

  • News
  • Crowd Forecast
  • Disney’s Easter 2015 at Tokyo Disneyland
  • Golden Week
  • Park Tips
  • Listener Questions
  • Next Episode
  • Where to Find Us


Crowd Forecast (Brought to you by TDRNavi):

  • May 2nd to May 6th, 2015

Disney’s Easter at Tokyo Disneyland:

Golden Week

Park Tips:

  • How to survive Golden Week
  • Be organized
  • Select your Top 5 MUST DO
  • One person should be in line at 6am at the gates. Meet no LATER than 45 minutes together at the gates.
  • First two hours are vital to get everything done

Listener Question:

  • Arthur Munoz (@Rthur17) asks, “What is your least favorite theme park food at either Disneyland or DisneySea?

Next Episode:

  • King Triton’s Concert
  • Michael and his adventure visiting 3 Disney Resorts in one day

Where to find us:


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  1. Jason Riddle

    Can’t download any episodes was looking forward to hearing this. I just discovered your site

  2. TDR Explorer

    What URL are you using to download? I just re-enabled them to show up on this page (they were disabled for some reason). You can also find it on Stitcher and iTunes.

  3. Jason Riddle

    Using itunes/Apple podcast app. When I download the episode and try to play it I get the message “temporarily unavailable from TDR Now” happens with all episodes. I tried deleting the feed and subscribing again. Btw great site

  4. TDR Explorer

    Hi Jason, we have corrected the issue. You should be able to access all the episodes now! Sorry about that. We recently updated our plugin and it was conflicting with our caching and causing all the URLS to not work properly.

    Thank you for the feedback, we hope you enjoy the show!

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