Dreamlights Renewal & Summer at Tokyo Disneyland – Episode 19

Dreamlights Renewal & Summer at Tokyo Disneyland - Episode 19

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Show Notes:

  • News
  • Crowd Forecast
  • Natsu Matsuri at Tokyo Disneyland
  • Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights Renewal
  • Staying Safe During Summer at the Parks
  • Park Tips
  • Listener Questions
  • Next Episode
  • Where to Find Us


Crowd Forecast (Brought to you by TDRNavi):

  • Busy starting July 25th until end of August
  • School is out
  • Almost at capacity everyday at both parks

Natsu Matsuri at Tokyo Disneyland:

Tokyo Disneyland Dreamlights Renewal

  • Photos & Video
  • New Tangled Float
  • 7 Updated Floats
  • Why you need to see this updated version

Park Tips:

  • Waku Waku Park Maps for Children

Listener Question:

  • Send us your questions
  • contact at tdrexplorer.com
  • @Rissssy
    • Where can I buy Tokyo Disney Resort Specific CDs and Music at the Resort?
  • Keane via email
    • How far in advance should we get a spot for the Electrical Parade with a Once Upon a Time View?

Next Episode:

  • Summer Festival at Tokyo DisneySea

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