Guide to Halloween 2016 at Tokyo Disneyland – Episode 53

Guide to Halloween 2016 at Tokyo Disneyland - Episode 53

On episode 53 (September 20, 2016) of the TDRNow Podcast, we talk about Halloween 2016 at Tokyo Disneyland and their new parade Halloween Pop’N LIVE. More concept art for Camp Woodchuck in Westernland, a hilarious video where a comedian shows the difference between new and veteran Cast Members at TDR, and Mickey Ear Hats make a return to the resort. Find us on TwitterFacebook, iTunesStitcherPlayer FM, and Google Play Music!

Crowd forecast (brought to you by TDRNavi) looks at the crowd levels for the week of September 19, 2016. This week’s listener question asks us about using utensils at the parks (forks, knives, and chopsticks). Our tip of the week explains how to get a limited time badge at Tokyo Disneyland during Halloween. Send us your questions to contact at

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Hosted by Trish and Chris.

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