You Should Cancel Your Trip to Japan – Episode 197

You Should Cancel Your Trip to Japan - Episode 197

Pairing perfectly with our article, in our latest episode of the podcast we discuss why you should cancel your trip to Japan this year. There’s a good chance it’s not going to happen this year. As much as it pains us to say.

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  1. Brian

    I could not agree more with your assessment. Top immunologists & infectious disease experts all say that, best case scenario, a vaccine will take 12-18 months. That would mean that, if a vaccine is properly vetted and gets through all the stages & approval process, we might, MIGHT have a vaccine by early 2021. The U.S. does not have a handle on this pandemic AT ALL and their chaotic response to the Covid-19 emergency exhibits an appalling lack of leadership. Even now, with the pandemic raging out-of-control, many Americans do not believe that this coronavirus is real. Americans will not be welcome for travel in Europe or Asia as they cannot control the rapid spread of the virus among their citizens. Basically, it will be “Americans Not Welcome Here.”

    All this aside, everyone I know, including myself, has cancelled all scheduled Disney trips for 2020 and we are skeptical about travel in early 2021. We all respect the gravity of the situation and, although we all miss Disney Parks, we feel strongly about staying healthy. We want to live to visit Disney Parks for years to come.

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