Starbucks Japan’s 47 Limited-Time Frappuccinos – Episode 231

Starbucks Japan's 47 Limited-Time Frappuccinos - Episode 231

Starbucks Japan released 47 limited-time Frappuccinos. We’re talking about the ones we’ve tried and what our must-try flavours are! Each flavour is only available at its respected prefecture, which means you’d have to travel to every corner of Japan to try them all.

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Here’s a list of all the different flavours (this list is from this excellent blog):

  1. Hokkaido Creamy Corn
  2. Aomori’s Buzzing Apple Strawberry
  3. Iwate Matcha and Black Sesame
  4. Miyagi’s Zunda Matcha
  5. Akita Salted Caramel
  6. Yamagata’s La France Pear
  7. Fukushima Full of Fruits
  8. Ibaraki Melon Creamy
  9. Tochigi Flashing Chocolate
  10. Gunma Yogurt Mango
  11. Saitama Strawberry and Citrus
  12. Chiba Mitarashi Coffee and Cream
  13. Tokyo Coffee Jelly and Caramel
  14. Kanagawa Summer Blue Cream
  15. Beautiful Niigata Kaki no Tane Chocolate
  16. Toyama Watermelon
  17. Ishikawa Hojicha
  18. Fukui Puffed Rice
  19. Yamanashi!! Grape and White Chocolate Cream
  20. Nagano Apple Butter Caramel
  21. Gifu Matcha and Coffee Jelly
  22. Shizuoka Mikan Citrus
  23. Aichi Anko Coffee
  24. Mie Isecha Citrus
  25. Shiga Biwa Blue Citrus Cream
  26. Kyoto Matcha Kinako
  27. Osaka a Lot of Fruits Cream
  28. Hyogo Dark Chocolate
  29. Nara Hojicha White Chocolate
  30. Wakayama Mikan Citrus
  31. Tottori Creamy Caramel
  32. Shimane Creamy Matcha Coffee Goen
  33. Okayama Fruit Sunshine
  34. Hiroshima Setouchi Lemon and Citrus
  35. Yamaguchi Sesame Matcha
  36. Tokushima Juicy Citrus
  37. Kanagawa Wasanbon Matcha
  38. Ehime Amazing! Kiwi Fruit
  39. Kochi Ginger Citrus
  40. Fukuoka Yamecha
  41. Saga Crispy Sugar and Chocolate
  42. Nagasaki Castella Coffee and Cream
  43. Kumamoto Crunchy Biscuit and Chocolate
  44. Oita Exciting Kabosu Citrus Tea
  45. Miyazaki Sparkling Hyuganatsu
  46. Kagoshima Black Honey Cream
  47. Okinawa Chinsuko Vanilla Caramel

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