Preparing & Dealing with Walt Disney World Summertime Heat


Summertime Heat at Walt Disney World

Summertime at the Walt Disney World Resort can be a shock to anyone that is not used to subtropical heat mixed with high humidity. If you are not careful you could put yourself and others in your party at risk. Being from Canada’s prairies – where the summers are warm and dry – we have come up with tips and advice how to keep cool and enjoy your magical vacation.


The most important advice you can follow is keeping everyone in your group hydrated. You can fill up your own water bottle at lots of fountains throughout the park or ask for a glass of water at counter service restaurants. If you are using the Disney Dining Plan you can use one of your snacks for a bottle of water and reuse the bottle throughout the day.

A good rule is if a water fountain is out in the sun, the water will be warm and have a bit of a metallic taste to it! That’s why the best place to refill your bottles are at water fountains that are in the shade. One of the best locations is the water fountain just inside the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom. Nice and cold!

Don’t worry about having to use the washroom a lot from drinking so much water. Your body will use up most of what you drink. If you do end up going quite a bit then you are drinking more than enough! Better to have too much than too little.

Ice Cold Beverage

Drink plenty of water & enjoy an iced cold beverage too!


Don’t underestimate the power of sunscreen! Even if you are someone who does not burn easily, you should still slap some sunscreen on. Bring your own or expect to pay a premium for it inside the Walt Disney World Resort. If you are visiting a water park make sure you use water proof sunscreen and reapply it every 30mins. We use nothing less than an SPF of 30.


You will sweat! Lots! A good rule to keep cool is to wear thin and light coloured clothing. Avoid cotton and dark coloured clothes if you can. A hat is also a must. Also, if you don’t want to do laundry while you’re on vacation, it might not hurt to pack along a couple more shirts than you normally would for a trip. Changing late afternoon can make nighttime in the parks more enjoyable without a sweat-soaked shirt clinging to your body.

Magic Kingdom After Sunset

Avoid the parks between 12pm-4pm and return when the sun starts setting!

Keep Cool Strategically

Managing your trip with a little strategy is also a way to help beat the heat. Head to the parks as soon as they open (Early Magic Hours if you are staying on Resort) and you will be able to get a majority of what you want accomplished before noon. Head back to your resort (or hotel) around noon and relax in the pool or take a nap. Around 4-5pm have dinner and head back to your park of choice. The sun will be going down soon and you won’t have to keep reapplying that sunscreen. Avoiding the hottest times of day (usually between 12 and 4pm) will not only help you stay cool, but also avoid the crazy crowds!

Try to alternate between being in the sun and inside an air-conditioned building. Many attractions will have the queue inside a building, such as Space Mountain or Soarin’. Minimize your time outside and you will stay cool and nicely hydrated (don’t forget to fill up your water bottle).

Finally, never underestimate the value in visiting some of the not-as-busy attractions (like Carousel of Progress, Living with the Land, etc.) to relax in some air conditioning!

Coke Spray

Not only is an ice cold coke delicious the over sized ones in Hollywood Studios will spray mist on you.

Cool Treats

There is no shortage of cool treats you can devour. You’re on vacation so go ahead and treat yourself to that delicious Mickey Bar or Citrus Swirl. Try and eat it quick before it melts all over your hands. If it does, just go get another one!

Mickey's Ice Cream Bar

Cannot go wrong with a classic Mickey Bar!


What should you do if you or someone in your party becomes ill due to the heat? Immediately find the nearest First Aid station or ask a Cast Member to direct you. The Cast Members will know what to do and take care of you. To help reduce the chance anything happening ensure you stay well hydrated. If you have any type of health conditions speak with your doctor before you head on vacation. We don’t want anything to upset your trip.

Apps / Reminders

If you’re the type to go for hours without water you may forget to drink water constantly. To help remind yourself  use a reminder app on your smart phone. For iPhone users, re.minder is an excellent choice. If you have a preferred app for iPhone or Android leave it in the comments.

Here’s a quick summary for beating the heat:

  • Drinks lots of water and bring your own water bottle.
  • Apply Sunscreen and reapply every 30mins if you are at the water park.
  • Light coloured and breathable clothing.
  • Visit the parks as soon as they open. Head back to the hotel around noon. Return to the parks after 4pm.
  • Take advantage of not-as-busy attractions to cool down.
  • If you become ill seek the First Aid station immediately.
  • Eat TONS of Ice Cream. Arguably the best advice here.

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