Pumpkin Churro Review

There is not just black coloured halloween snacks at Tokyo Disney Resort this year, but also orange snacks too! If you’re wanting something sweet then here is our review of the Pumpkin Churro available only for Halloween at Tokyo Disney Resort for  ¥310.

What Is Inside

An orange pumpkin flavoured churro covered in sugar. It’s that simple.

Pumpkin Churro at Tokyo DisneySea for Halloween

Get this lightly flavoured pumpkin churro for ¥310 at Tokyo DisneySea!


The orange churro comes wrapped in a New York Halloween Follies wrapper. Which is very nice itself. Along with an optional caramel sauce in a collectible container for an extra  ¥100.

Caramel Sauce with collectible container at Tokyo DisneySea for Halloween

Caramel Sauce with collectible container for only an extra ¥100

Pumpkin Churro Packaging at Tokyo DisneySea

Once again, the packaging it top-notch in terms of design

How is it?

The pumpkin taste is very light and is over powered by the sugar. If you use the caramel sauce, then that is all you will taste. Overall it simply tastes like sugar with a hint of pumpkin flavouring.

Pumpkin Churro at Tokyo DisneySea for Halloween

The light pumpkin flavour is overpowered by the sugar. But is still decent.

Should You Get It?

If you’re wanting a churro then this will do the trick. If you’re wanting a halloween treat then there are better options out there such as the Critter Sundae. The collectable container for the caramel sauce is worth the  ¥100 price tag, but I wouldn’t recommend using the sauce on the churro, unless you love caramel.

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