“Puro Halloween” at Sanrio Puroland 2022

Sanrio Puroland is getting into this Halloween spirit this year with “Puro Halloween” taking place from September 9th (Friday) to November 1st (Tuesday), 2022. The special event promises multiple Halloween-themed shows, food and beverage and characters in their best Halloween costumes. Let’s take a look at everything on offer at Sanrio Puroland this Halloween.

Puro Halloween

For this year’s Puro Halloween theme, the iconic Sanrio characters will be divided into teams – a dark and cool “Trick Team” and a cute and sweet “Treat Team”. Young guests can also get into the Halloween spirit by participating in a Trick or Treat candy-grabbing game.


Sanrio Puroland is pulling out all the stops for Puro Halloween, with several Halloween-themed shows and activities on offer featuring everyone’s favourite Sanrio characters.

Let’s Trick or Treat!

© Sanrio

Let’s Trick or Treat! is a lively Halloween special show where guests can enjoy games, dancing, and solving puzzles along with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel who will be dressed in their new Halloween costumes. The show will take place at Fairland Theatre and runs for 25 minutes.

Trick or Treat! Illumination

© Sanrio

“Trick or Treat! Illumination” will light up the Tree of Wisdom at the centre of Puroland Village with projection mapping and twinkling lights in purple and orange. Guests are encouraged to sing along to the Puro Halloween Trick or Treat theme song during the 5-minute show.

Mewkle Dreamy March ~Gather☆Dreamy Mate~ Halloween version

© Sanrio

Mewkle Dreamy March ~Gather☆Dreamy Mate~ Halloween version is a live show featuring Mewkle Dreamy, a stuffed cat with a mysterious power. The show will feature characters Myu, Peko, Suu, and Hello Kitty in addition to video appearances by Yuni, Tsugi and Hagi. Young guests are encouraged to get up and dance along. The show will take place on the Tree of Wisdom stage.

Vampire Butler Cafe: The Broken Law

© Sanrio

This Halloween will introduce Puroland’s first immersive horror experience; “Vampire Butler Cafe: Broken Rule“, a collaboration between Obaken, a company that produces haunted houses and horror events in Japan. Separate ticket purchase is required to participate in this event. Click here to view the schedule for this special Halloween event.

Character Greetings

© Sanrio

It isn’t a special event without character greetings! During the Halloween season, guests can get into the Halloween spirit with a special Halloween-themed character greeting! Characters will be dressed in their best Halloween costumes. Characters include Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, Cinnamoroll, My Melody, Kuromi, My Sweet Piano and Wish Me Mel. Please note that to participate in this event guests will need to pre-purchase a participation ticket.

Photo Spots

A limited-time photo spot will be available to make guests’ Halloween even more exciting! The official photo spot will be located at the entrance on the third floor and features characters in their Trick or Treat team looks. Guests are encouraged to take photos of Halloween decorations throughout Sanrio Puroland.

Special Food and Drink

Sanrio Puroland will offer a lineup of spooky and cute Halloween-themed food and beverages featuring autumn flavours including pumpkin and sweet potatoes. The menu features dishes themed to eight Sanrio characters, divided into their Halloween Trick or Treat teams.


A number of Halloween-themed goods will be available for purchase at the entrance shop on the 3rd floor. Items include a number of Halloween costumes for five popular Sanrio plush toys. Other items include key chains, towels, headbands and Miracle Lights, which illuminate during select shows.

Miracle ♡ Light

Images and Information from Sanrio Puroland

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