Question: What’s Your #1 Concern About Travelling to Japan?

Hey, Explorers! I have a simple question to ask you and your answers may help shape a project that we are working on. Your answers are always appreciated and just let me know in the comments! Alright, here we go.

What’s your #1 concern about travelling to Japan (and Tokyo Disneyland)?

Anything from simple things like weather and climate to food (vegan, vegetarian, picky-eater, etc). I want to see where I can help in certain areas in your trip planning process. I value all your comments, so don’t be shy, put it all in the comments!

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Add yours
  1. Saga Lilly Grönqvist

    I’ve been to Tokyo Disney and I found everything to be quite easy and hassle free!
    But I would like to see more info on:

    * Vegan food because my friend struggled on our last visit.
    * More info on experiences such as celebrating birthdays at the parks and other unknown cool stuff you can do.
    * Info on lockers.
    * Taking pictures with characters (like how does it work? is there a fee? etc)
    * Instagram spots in the parks.

  2. vaishnavi jai

    Booking rooms and tickets via the official website, bcoz of the so many rules regarding the card to be used 🙁

  3. Chrissy D

    My #1 concern is not being able to read the signs if we get lost or need to get somewhere! When we used the Underground in London, we could read the signs and maps but still got lost! The Japanese train system is even more complex – so I’m super nervous about getting around. 🙁

  4. Callielo Sasparilla

    my number 1 concern is the reservation system especially when it came to eating out.
    Even with the guides here, we had a tough time, so as a result we didn’t get to eat at any of the “fancier” restaurants which was a shame.
    I also wish they would have more translators available for rides…or at least have signs saying they were available. I only got one for the tiki room, and didn’t know stitch had one until I hear it on the podcast a month ago here. Really disappointing because that show looked SO cool, but I couldn’t understand a thing.
    I would like maybe to see a guide on when is best to shop? (morning, noon, end of the day) Because I LOVE shopping, but actually had an anxiety attack trying to shop in the disney stores at the parks. The amount of people, I couldn’t move, but instead got shuffled along. It was like, if you MAYBE want the item grab it, because you will not be able to go back. Also the fact that the stores did not connect up like Disneyland, was a fun surprise too.

  5. Vicky Wilson

    I’ve visited Tokyo a few times now and all the train signs alternate between Japanese characters and Roman characters so everyone can read them 🙂 Signs in the Tokyo Disney Resort are in English as well as Japanese. But I recommend learning how to read katakana to enhance your visit to Japan in general because English words are used a lot just written in these characters!

  6. Chrissy D

    Thanks for the reply Vicky – that helps put me at ease! Great suggestion to learn katakana. Is it pretty quick and easy to pick up?

  7. Julia Birks

    Vegan food for my partner! We have managed to find Vegan Minnie Mouse on Instagram, who casually translates some of the stuff — but it would be great to know whether or not the seasonal items are vegan-friendly, as it’s hard to tell. Thanks as always for all your great content!

  8. doidreamagain

    I have a few concerns…

    1. Not knowing the language. I’m working on learning some basic words and phrases through Duolingo, but I’m still nervous that I won’t be able to understand much.

    2. Being a picky eater. I’m trying really hard to expand my taste buds and try new Japanese items, but I love my Western food (American, Mexican, Italian, etc.).

    3. Getting around outside of TDR. We won’t spend our entire trip at TDR and will eventually switch to a hotel in Tokyo and will want to visit several areas (Shibuya, Akihabara, etc.), but without knowing the language, I’m nervous we will get lost.

    4. Making a cultural faux pas! I feel like I learn something new every day when I am researching cultural norms. I’m certain that I will eventually, on the trip, make a cultural mistake.

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