Receive 15% Off When You Buy These Exclusive Japan Only Star Wars Figures

Were you unable to get your hands on the BB-8 App-Enabled Droid this past week that everyone was buying? We know the feeling of wanting to get something and it selling out almost instantly (I am looking at you Big Hero 6 Tsum Tsums). Well, you are in luck. We may not have the BB-8, but we have a deal that would make any Star Wars fan giddy.

We have an exclusive offer for readers of TDRExplorer from Receive 15% off any of these three JAPAN ONLY Star Wars poseable figures. Simply visit their Star Wars page and select the items you want, then enter the code TDR-SW to receive your discount.

I have to admit, these are awesome looking. The Sand Trooper is by far my favourite. Remember these are exclusive to Japan and you cannot find them in any store overseas. So, get on these before they sell out too.

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