Review: Shaved Ice at Tokyo Disney Resort for Summer 2015

Summer in Japan is hot, humid, and is unbearably uncomfortable at times. Tokyo Disney Resort provides a number of ways for guests to stay hydrated during this time of year.

Kakigōri (かき氷) or better known as shaved ice is a traditional Japanese summer snack. Different flavoured syrups, sweeteners and occasionally condensed milk are found inside. Tokyo Disney Resort takes full advantage of this favourite and creates their own unique and traditional flavours for guests to enjoy.

A total of 10 flavours are found between Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea (Both parks have coconut). See our full list of flavours available at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. We tried three of the most unusual and interesting sounding flavours for you.

Coconut Shaved Iced with Soft Serve

Coconut Shaved Ice Tokyo Disneyland Summer

Coconut Shaved Ice in Tomorrowland at Tokyo Disneyland

First, we highly recommend getting this dessert with the limited edition Stitch cup. You simply cannot get over adorable it is!  The opening of the new Stitch Encounter attraction in Tomorrowland has everything to do with the overload of Stitch at the park.

Stitch Cup at Tokyo Disneyland

We recommend getting the Stitch cup, as it is available for a limited time. It is also adorable!

Available at the Space Food Port in Tomorrowland is the coconut shaved ice. Soft serve is optional, which I opted for. On top of the shaved ice are small pieces of candied pineapple to give it more sweetness. The coconut flavour is subtle and not overly strong. The soft serve and pineapple overpower the coconut.

Overall it was not as sweet as I was expecting, which is a good thing, and the pineapple added a nice sweetness to it. I wish the coconut flavour was more prominent, but it was still a refreshing dessert in the hot summer sun.

Matcha with Red Bean

Matcha with Red Bean and Little Green Men Shaved Ice Tokyo Disneyland Summer

Matcha with Red Bean and Little Green Men Shaved Ice

Available at the Gazebo and Toontown is the most unique flavour out of them all, the Green tea matcha with red bean. First, notice the familiar face staring at you from atop the shaved ice. They put a little green alien mochi, which we reviewed earlier, on top (it is the custard filled one). Which instantly ups the “kawaii” factor by over 9000.

The red bean is called “azuki” in Japanese, which is a sweet bean used in various Japanese desserts. These are not the beans you get in a can and eat with wieners – far from it! I am a huge fan of red bean, as it adds a nice sweetness to the matcha. The matcha works well with the shaved ice, it feels as if you are drinking frozen matcha green tea (no kidding right?). At the bottom of the cup is matcha jelly to finish of this unique dessert.

Matcha with Red Bean and Little Green Men Shaved Ice Tokyo Disneyland Summer Close

Love that they decided to put the little green alien mochi on top!

Overall, it is the most unique flavour out of all the choices for shaved iced at the resort. If you’re a fan of matcha, red bean, or the green alien mochi then you have to give this a try. Not a fan of any of these flavours, then you’re best off giving this a pass. But you have to admit that it is cute looking! Sadly, there is no option for a souvenir cup.

Tropical Fruits

Tropical Fruits Shaved Ice Tokyo DisneySea Summer

Tropical Fruits Shaved Ice at Tokyo DisneySea

The last shaved ice I tried was the Tropical Fruits over at TropicAls in the Lost River Delta at Tokyo DisneySea. It certainly lives up to its name. A huge slice of actual pineapple (fruit is expensive in Japan in general so this is a nice treat) is placed on the side of the cup along with pineapple juice and seeds drizzled on the top. At the bottom is, what is best described as, fruit punch.

This was my favourite out of the three, simply because the fruit was sweet and incredibly refreshing. Not to mention aesthetically pleasing with “summer colours” from all the different fruit juices. I saved the pineapple for last and it was nice and cold from all the ice.

Tropical Fruit Shaved Ice Tokyo DisneySea Summer Close

My favourite out of the bunch. The perfect refreshing drink on a hot day at the parks.

Final Thoughts

You are thinking that you are simply paying for overpriced ice with syrup on it, you are correct! But, at least they are delicious and on an incredibly hot summers day, the price is certainly worth it. The three that I listed above are my top picks, if you want the more adventurous flavours. If you are not feeling as adventurous then give the other flavours a try to let us know what you think in the comments!

Shaved Iced is available at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea for Summer 2015.



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