The Royal Food and Drink Fair at Hong Kong Disneyland Review

Hong Kong Disneyland constantly changes up its food offerings both inside the Park and at its wonderful hotels. It’s one of the best aspects of this resort in Hong Kong.

Since international travel is still restricted for most of the world, I cannot get to Hong Kong. But, our Hong Kong Explorer, Haruka, lives in the city! She was able to try out a ton of the food for The Royal Food and Drink Fair at Hong Kong Disneyland. Explorer Haruka shares her thoughts and experience in her review.

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On April 30th, 2021, a new limited-time food event started at Hong Kong Disneyland. The Royal Food and Drink Fair can be experienced at the Royal Banquet Hall in Fantasyland until June 30, 2021.

Hong Kong Disneyland Royal Food and Drink Fair

To enjoy this food and drink event, guests purchase tokens. Depending on how many you purchase, you receive a sip-sip cup or a special headband.

I purchased 20 tokens for HKD$800 (about US$100) before the event started. Since I purchased the tokens during the early period, they came with one sip-sip cup and a pin.

The Royal Banquet Hall in Fantasyland
Tables set up outside
Hong Kong Disneyland 15th Anniversary Mickey Ears
Hong Kong Disneyland 15th Anniversary Food & Drink Pin featuring Donald Duck

How the Tokens Work

When you purchase your tokens, you will receive a QR code. This is where your tokens are saved.

At the event, you will be asked to show your QR code where cast members will scan and deduct when ordering your food. There is no need to line up at the cash register (Unless you’re purchasing more tokens) so you can take your food to your seat right away!

Kiosk where you scan your QR code

Each food item is worth one token (unless labelled otherwise). For drinks, mocktails are worth one token and cocktails are worth two. There is also a selection of beer and wine at the event. They are also worth two tokens, but the great thing is you get two cups! This felt like a better deal considering one cup of the cocktail is worth two tokens.

The wine and beer menu shows recommended food pairing, which is an extra fun way to enjoy the cuisine.

How many tokens the different types of food cost
Hong Kong Beer & Craft Beer List
Non-alcoholic drinks menu

The tokens do not have to be used all at once. You can come back as many times as you want to use your tokens during the event. I noticed that the food/drink selections were different depending on the day you visit. It was fun to try so many different things.

Map showing where all the different food is found
Food display so you’re able to see what the food looks like
I love being able to see what things look like before getting it!

I used my tokens with my husband, and it took us three visits to use all 20 tokens! This is how we used our tokens.

Lunch for Two

This was at the beginning of May
  • Cheese Doner Kebab with Roti Cucumber, Red Onion, and Yogurt [1]
  • Cheese Fountain [1]
  • Mushroom, Savoy Cabbage and Cheese Terrine Lemon Coulis [1]
  • Seafood Sabayon with Yuzu Caviar [1]
  • Broccoli and Cauliflower Hokkaido Cheese Tart [1]
  • Stir-fried Beef wrapped by Rice Paper with Thai Gravy [1]
  • Braised Sichuan Beef in Pastry with Five Spice Sauce [1]
  • Tree cake [1]
  • Beer (Amber Ale and Big Wave Bay – India Pale Ale) [2]

Total: 10 Tokens

Light Dinner for Two

We had this at the end of May
  • Pandan Colada [1]
  • Roasted Beef Sirloin with Gravy [1]
  • Hazelnut Chocolate Cake [1]
  • Mediterranean Seafood Rice [3]
  • Wine (Prosecco and Chardonnay) [2]

Total: 8 Tokens

End of June on Magic Access VIPreview Day (Light lunch for one)

  • Snowy Berries [1]
  • bun sandwich with meatball, tomato sauce and guacamole [1]

Total: 2 Tokens

My Thoughts

Overall, I enjoyed the Royal Food and Drink Fair very much! Most of the food I tried were delicious.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Stir-fried Beef wrapped by Rice Paper with Thai Gravy (Crispy on the outside, juicy flavorful beef on the inside.)
  • Hazelnut Chocolate Cake (If you’re a fan of the Nutella flavor, it’s an automatic favorite.)
  • Braised Sichuan Beef in Pastry with Five Spice Sauce (Asian flavor packed in a Mickey shaped tart.)

I’m not a big fan of sweet entrees, like fruits on salad and pineapple on pizza. With that said, “Mushroom, Savoy Cabbage and Cheese Terrine Lemon Coulis” and “Seafood Sabayon with Yuzu Caviar” were a bit too fruity and sweet for me.

The drinks were fantastic! Snowy Berries was basically a strawberry lemonade with actual strawberry purée at the bottom! If you’re into some tropical flavors, Pandan Colada, a mix of pandan syrup, coconut syrup, and milk, is a perfect drink for you (I’d love to drink this out of a real coconut!).

It would be great if some of the foods and drinks stick around as regulars!

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