Saving Money by Walking to Tokyo DisneySea

Did you know that you can walk to Tokyo DisneySea from Ikspirari and Maihama station? If you do not have a monorail pass (which you will get if you are staying at a resort hotel), then this is a perfect way to save yourself ¥260 on a one way trip! If you are making repeated trips along the monorail, then perhaps getting a day pass is your best option (you can also save those to get an exclusive pin).

But, you want to save some money and see just outside the resort, then here is how you can walk to Tokyo DisneySea from Iksprari (Tokyo Disney Resorts version of Downtown Disney.)

Walking Time: About 11 minutes

Walking from Maihama Station through Ikspiari

First, if you are unsure how to get to Maihama Station, we highly recommend using Hyperdia to see how to get there from your train station. It is very easy to use, trust us.

Once you make it out the South Exit of Maihama Station take an immediate left and begin walking towards Ikspiari. Pass the Tokyo Disney Resort Welcome Centre on your left and walk directly into Ikspiari. If you have time, we highly recommend taking the time to browse all the shops and pick up a unique gift. Or, get yourself a seasonal frappacino from Starbucks on the basement floor.

From Ikspiari Disney Store

Maihama Disney Store

Turn right when you see the Disney Store

After picking up that seasonal frappacino (seriously, do it) continue walking on the main floor towards the Disney Store. Once you hit the Disney Store take a right along the path which leads down to a street. Once at the street take a left.

Pass the Disney Ambassador Hotel

Disney Ambassador Hotel Tokyo Dsiney Resort

Walk past the Disney Ambassador Hotel on your left

Continue walking down the street, admire the palm trees, and all the other people walking to DisneySea. On your left you eventually see the Disney Ambassador Hotel. Walk past the hotel until you reach a T intersection. If you pay attention, you can see the entrance across the street where Cast Members enter/exit the parks.

Taro Okamoto Sculpture

Taro Okamoto Sculpture in Maihama

Turn right at the Taro Okamoto sculpture

Once you reach the T intersection take note of the a large sculpture across the street. This is created by a famous Japanese Artist named Taro Okamoto. After admiring the sculpture, take a right and continue walking down the street. You notice a small entrance to Tokyo DisneySea on your left.

Tokyo DisneySeat Front Gates

Gates of Tokyo DisneySea

You have reached the gate by Tokyo DisneySea and saved yourself some money!

Congratulations, you made it to DisneySea and saved yourself some yen along the way. Now, use that extra money you saved to buy yourself those amazingly adorable green alien mochi.

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  1. TDR Explorer

    Yes you can, but you have to trade in 3 of them. We have an article explaining how you can do that.


  2. Matt Bateman

    You can always take the nicely themed art deco bus to Disney’s Ambassador Hotel the change buses for the bus to TDS. Personally, I like the walk… for the day ahead

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