“Please Scream Inside Your Heart” Screaming on Roller Coasters in Japan

Japan continues to reopen its theme parks one by one after being closed for months due to the ongoing global pandemic. One thing that’s been making the rounds is that some theme parks are “banning” the act of screaming while on a roller coaster in Japan.

This “ban” (it’s a suggestion and not an actual ban) came in the form of a video from Fuji-Q Highland, which is an amusement park near Mt. Fuji. It has some of the most intense roller coasters in the country. They ask guests to “Please scream inside your heart” while on their roller coasters. I’ve been on all the coasters at Fuji-Q highland and from experience, it’s not something I’d be able to do myself.

My face in the above photo says it all.

I kinda want the phrase “Please scream inside your heart” on a t-shirt or something. That should be the official phrase for 2020.

Anyway, that begs the question, are you asked to not scream while on attractions at Tokyo Disney Resort or Universal Studios Japan? The answer is, no, sorta.

Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea

On the first day of reopening at Tokyo Disneyland, I rode all the roller coaster type attractions in the Park. Not once were we asked not to scream. There were announcements asking us to wear masks though (that’s one of the rules).

Over at Tokyo DisneySea, while you aren’t told to not scream on the attractions, over at the Magic Lamp Theater is a different story. During part of the, guests are usually asked to count out loud. This was omitted from the show after the reopening. That’s about as close as Tokyo Disney Resort gets to asking you not to “scream.”

Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan reopened in June 2020 after being closed for months. The biggest attractions in terms of roller coasters are the Flying Dinosaur, Hollywood Dream -The Ride-, and Hollywood Dream -The Ride- Backdrop. There are no announcements or signs asking you not to scream your face off while spinning upside down or riding backwards down a drop.

In short, don’t worry, you’re allowed to scream. All you need to do is simply wear a mask and you’re fine. It’s a measure to show how serious the theme parks are taking safety precautions to ensure your safety.

Even if it is a bit silly sounding.

You can watch the viral video from Fuji-Q Highland below:



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  1. Nicole Cammack

    Thanks for the updates! I loved the little tour inside the park. Bought a moment (or close to an hour) of happiness! The “Please scream inside your heart” concept and roller coaster video are so cute!

  2. UmmYeahOk

    Sometimes I don’t understand my own culture. One would think you’d scream if you were scared, but even on silly children’s coasters grown adults will scream nonstop at the top of their lungs, even after the ride has ended and they’re waiting to enter the offload area. It hurts my ears, does it not hurt their throat? Even in the triple digit heat, why? Makes you thirsty for what gain?

    Two weeks ago, I was at a beach, before they were closed and face mask for finally made mandatory by state law, and people were riding down the beach in golf carts screaming. No one was chasing them. They didn’t appear to be in any threat of danger. Why scream? People are trying to enjoy the beach. Sure, we were all socially distancing, but the breeze does come off the water, so no idea how far screaming droplets could travel under those conditions.

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