Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen Review at Tokyo DisneySea ?

Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen is a counter service restaurant in Mermaid Lagoon at Tokyo DisneySea. While the food choices feature seafood, there are options for non-seafood lovers, too! Here’s our review of this Little Mermaid-themed restaurant.  Also, read our full dining guide to planning your meals at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Whale Decor Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen Tokyo DisneySea

Atmosphere & Decor

Mermaid Lagoon port-of-call is a Little Mermaid fan’s dream come true. With its flawless rendition of what “under the sea” would look like in real life, this no-so-little area has a lot to offer. After enjoying the live show King Triton’s Concert, or partaking in the attractions (think of it like the Fantasyland of DisneySea), you can swim over to Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen for a quick bite.

The LIttle Mermaid Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen Tokyo DisneySea

The far corner of Mermaid Lagoon is where you’ll locate Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen (or where you exit King Triton’s Concert). You’ll notice the counter in the middle and seating on either side. The walls are lined with character murals and coral reef pillars, with seaweed dangling from the ceiling.

The open seating floor plan gives the feeling of an open ocean (or a mall food court, however you want to spin it). The tables are basic and uninspired, but the best seats are the seashells along the walls. During the peak periods, these tables get filled first.

Sebastian Decor Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen Tokyo DisneySea

Seating Area Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen Tokyo DisneySea

My favourite aspect is the gigantic whale on the right side — which is also exterior to the entrance of The Sleepy Whale Shoppe and connects to other gift shops inside. The various seashells in the floor are a nice touch, too.

Little Mermaid Decor Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen Tokyo DisneySea


Overall, the theming is not the best, but for a “food court” style restaurant, you can’t expect much more than that, even at Tokyo DisneySea. The lighting is dark anyway, so you don’t notice it as much.


Plastic Food Display Japan Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen Tokyo DisneySea

The food is heavy on the seafood side, with their main dish being a deep-fried scallop cutlet sandwich on an adorable clamshell bun. This is my second favourite item to get. Deep-fried anything is always good, and this is no exception. Of course, if you aren’t a seafood fan, then you’d like other options (and you’re in luck).

Mickey Shaped Bread Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen Tokyo DisneySea Plastic Food Display Upclose Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen Tokyo DisneySea

My favourite item is the sausage pizza, which has no fish in it and has a cute lobster claw-shaped chip on it. There’s also a seafood pizza. Other food items include a scallop soup, deep-fried shrimp, salad in a cup, french fries, and dessert.

Sausage Pizza Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen Tokyo DisneySea Scallop Cutlet Sandwich Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen Tokyo DisneySea

Fans of the Little Mermaid take note: They have a souvenir plate you can add to your deep-fried scallop cutlet sandwich meal. Their desserts also have the option of getting a Sebastian or Flounder souvenir cup.


Queue Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen Tokyo DisneySea

Here’s what to eat and how to maximize your time at Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen:

  • Scallop cutlet sandwich
  • Sausage pizza
  • Snag one of the clamshell seats along the side
  • Perfect place to seek refuge during inclement weather in the winter or summer
  • Since it’s dark, this is a good place for a power nap and to relieve a headache if you have one
  • Characters such as Donald, Daisy, Pluto, and Goofy show up just outside the restaurant wearing their swim gear at various times throughout the day


Tray Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen Tokyo DisneySea

If you’re a fan of seafood, then you’ll enjoy the limited selection of options. For those who are not fans, you’re best to stick with the sausage pizza. The decor is simple, and while it’s far from the best-themed counter service restaurant (that title goes to the New York Deli), if you’re a fan of the Little Mermaid, you’ll love eating “under the sea.”

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