I’m going offline for a while

Hey Explorers,

I’m sitting at the Haneda Airport waiting for a flight that I wasn’t expecting to make today. My father passed away suddenly and I’m on the way home to Canada from Japan to help my family with final arrangements.

I’m going to be offline from social media, the website, and email for the time being. The rest of the TDR Explorer team are taking care of things while I’m away. We’ll still have social media & blog posts, videos, and podcasts releasing as they are in the queue.

Any travel related questions you have please send them to [email protected] and our talented Gio will be able to help you out. She’ll also be taking care of messages on our Facebook page.

As for the Universal Studios Japan e-book, the bulk of the work is done on my end. The exceptional TDR Explorer team is now finishing the final product (it looks brilliant so far and you’re all going to love it). I’ll update more once I’m able to check in on the progress.

I apologise for having to disappear for a bit. I’ll be back. For now, I leave it in the capable hands of the TDR Explorer Team. Thank you as always for your support fellow Explorers. It means the world to me.

A huge thank you to Delta for helping with getting me a bereavement flight on such short notice and not having me pay an absorbent amount of money.

Take care and talk soon,


aka TDR Explorer

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