How Shanghai Disneyland is Handling Social Distancing

Shanghai Disneyland reopened on May 11, 2020, after closing on January 25, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The park is operating with limited capacity (seems similar to the grand opening in 2016).

Our wonderful Shanghai Explorer @dischapoppy experienced the Park on the first day of reopening. She shared photos and videos of their day at the Park and Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. We’ll share how things are working in Shanghai Disneyland. This gives a good indication of how things may work for the other Disney Parks when they reopen, whenever that is.

Keep in mind that this is a changing situation, the information here may change without notice. This situation is unprecedented and I applaud all the Cast Members who are working hard to make things safer for everyone. Are these procedures and measures 100% perfect? They aren’t and we shouldn’t expect them to be either. Everyone is doing their best.

OK, let’s see how Shanghai Disneyland is working during a historic moment in our lifetimes.

Important Things to Consider

Shanghai Disneyland Signage about QR Code

As of this writing, foreign nationals are NOT allowed into Mainland China. It’s not known when this travel ban is being lifted. Even though the Park is open, most of us are unable to travel there anytime soon. Not that we should be travelling right now, in my opinion.

To enter Shanghai Disneyland you must present a Shanghai Health QR Code. This is to prove that you have tested negative for COVID-19. As of now, it’s not known how long this will be required or how someone who visiting the country (whenever the borders open) is to obtain one.

Guests and Cast Members are required to wear masks while in the Park.

Team members from TDR Explorer were interviews on NBC LA to share what it’s like being at Shanghai Disneyland during the reopening!

How to get into Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland Social Distancing into Park

Social distancing in the queues at Shanghai Disneyland. Indicating where NOT to stand.

For the time being the number of day tickets for Shanghai Disneyland is limited per day. This is to avoid the park becoming overcrowded while they’re still figuring out this all works in the real world. We’ve never seen anything like this before, so Shanghai Disneyland is the trailblazer for how Disney Parks worldwide may look in foreseeable future.

To get into Shanghai Disneyland you’ll need:

  • A day ticket or Annual Pass
  • A green Health QR Code
  • A temperature check
  • A mask

If you’re an Annual Passholder you make a reservation online and only allowed into the Park once a week.

You’re able to book a stay at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and have guaranteed entry into the Park, as long as you have a green Health QR Code.

Entrance into the Park

Shanghai Disneyland Temperature Check Tent

You’ll have your temperature taken before allowed into the Park.

There are social distancing measures in the queue to get into the Park itself. That’s indicated with markers on the ground for where not to stand.

Shanghai Disneyland Hand Sanitizers

There are hand sanitizer stations throughout the Park.

Closed Attractions

Shanghai Disneyland Closed Attractions

Shanghai Disneyland is operating with limited operations at the moment. That means not everything is open. Here’s a list of what was closed as of May 11, 2020.

  • Frozen: A Sing-Along Celebration
  • IGNITE THE DREAM Nighttime Spectacular
  • Marvel Universe
  • Mickey’s Storybook Express
  • Eye of the Storm – Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular
  • Challenge Trails at Camp Discovery
  • “Once Upon a Time” Adventure

One of the best attractions in Shanghai Disneyland is the Challenge Trails. You’ll never see something that unique in a Disney park anywhere else.

Attraction Queues with Social Distancing

Soaring Social Distance Queue at Shanghai Disneyland

Social distancing markers in the queue for Search Results
Web results Soaring Over the Horizon

The biggest question many Explorers have is how the queues work with social distancing measures. It’s a good indication of what it may look like at the other Disney Parks when they reopen.

More Social Distance Indicators at Shanghai Disneyland Attraction Queues=

Pirates of the Caribbean

Throughout the queue are indicators on the ground and rails for guests to keep their distance. The stickers on the ground are to tell guests where not to stand. As you board the attraction there is an empty row between you and other guests. Then outside the attraction are hand sanitizer stations.


Working the same as Pirates of the Caribbean are indications on the floor showing where you aren’t supposed to stand.

Dining and Social Distancing

Social Distancing for Dining in Fantasyland

Social distancing in the queues for restaurants

Queues to get into restaurants work the same as the attractions with social distancing measures on the ground. Tables also have signage to indicate where you’re not allowed to sit.

Royal Banquet Hall

Royal Banquet Hall Character Greeting Social Distancing Shanghai Disneyland

The Royal Banquet Hall, which is a character greeting experience, is open but with a few modifications. Characters don’t stop to take photos with you as you dine but will walk around the dining area. After your meal, you’ll receive a postcard signed by Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy.

Royal Banquet Hall Character Greeting Card

Character Greetings

Character Greetings Social Distance at Shanghai Disneyland

You won’t be able to get a photo of your favourite characters. You’ll have to do it from afar.

Sadly, you won’t be able to hug your favourite characters for the foreseeable future. Character greetings are more “character waving” sessions now. Where characters gather in a spot at a distance and wave to guests. Watch the videos below to see what I mean.


Good Night from Shanghai Disneyland

Mickey and Friends waving “see ya real soon” to guests as they leave Shanghai Disneyland.

Entertainment at the Park is limited and with social distancing measures in place. There are no indoors shows and the entertainment outside have squares on the ground to show where to stand.

More Updates to Come

Shanghai Disneyland Reopens

We’ll be updating this article in the coming days as we receive more information on how things work at Shanghai Disneyland. The world will be looking to Shanghai to see how theme parks are going to be working for the foreseeable future.

A huge thank you to our Shanghai Explorer @dischapoppy for providing tons of photos, videos, and information.

For more information on Shanghai Disneyland see our comprehensive planning guide to see how the park works!

For more information see the Shanghai Disney Resort official press release.

Photos and videos may only be used with attribution to TDR Explorer and a link to



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