Shanghai Disneyland Spring Festival 2020 Merchandise

Shanghai Disney Resort is celebrating “The Year of the Mouse” with its “Authentic Spring Festival” from January 13 through February 9, 2020. It’s not an event without fun and exclusive merchandise! Our wonderful Explorer, DISCHA POPPY, who got photos of these wonderful items for Chinese New Year at Shanghai Disneyland.

Plan your trip to Shanghai Disneyland without extensive planning guide. Everything from what hotel to choose, how many days, and how travel visas work. Learn from my mistakes, that way you’ll spend more time in the moment and less time worrying.

Shanghai Disneyland Chinese New Year 2020 Merchandise

All these items are available inside the Park and at the World of Disney in Disney Town. Not sure how long these items are available for so grab them while you can! Also, don’t forget to check out the adorable popcorn bucket (with my two boys Chip ‘n’ Dale)!

Shanghai Disneyland Popcorn Buckets

We have to talk about these two popcorn buckets. While the Mickey one is cute, my heart belongs to the Chip n Dale popcorn bucket. It’s just too cute to not have.

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Learn more about Shanghai Disneyland with our planning guide. Don’t forget to read about the Spring Festival at Shanghai Disneyland Park from January 13 through February 9, 2020!


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