Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel Review

Our latest review comes from Malin at TDR News & Info.

Cost is on everyone’s minds when planning out a trip to the Tokyo Disney Resort. Accommodations being one of the most significant costs. It’s for this reason why you may consider a visit to be expensive. Staying onsite at the Disney Hotels you will pay a premium for the privilege. Fortunately, onsite are a group of Official Hotels which are often available on popular websites like for a small fraction of the cost. I always stay at the Sheraton Grande which is conveniently located at Bayside Station on the Resort Line. Only minutes away from both parks, Ikspiari, and Maihama station, giving you easy access to Tokyo Station.

Getting There

The Hotel is easily accessed via the Airport Limousine Bus service which will bring you directly from either Narita or Haneda Airports. It’s also easy to get here by using the trains.

Guest Benefits

Guests also receive benefits for staying at the Sheraton, which include:

  • Tokyo Disney Resort Ticket counter
  • Guaranteed Admission (Even on days where the park is said to be at capacity)
  • Tokyo Disney Resort Information
  • Disney Fantasy Store
Sheraton Grande Hotel Fantasy Store

Avoid the crowds and shop for those exclusive Tokyo Disney Resort items right at your hotel.

English Speaking Staff

Staff do speak some English, although some are much better than others. You can expect the front line staff to speak enough English to understand you. From checking in to asking for extra blankets, you will not have any problems.


The rooms will either face the Parks or Tokyo Bay. All are fully furnished and offer a decent size for Japan. Perfect for a rest after a long day of sightseeing.

Sheraton Grande Hotel Room

Tea and Kettle

Sheraton Grande Hotel Room

Television and Desk

Sheraton Grande Hotel Bathroom

Bathtub and Shower

Sheraton Grande Hotel Bathroom

Toilet and Sink

Sheraton Grande Hotel Room


Other Amenities

Free WiFi is available through out the lobby and the Link@Sheraton offers plenty of PC’s to check your e-mails and search the internet. A Disney Fantasy Store is a great place to pick up many souvenirs without facing the crowds. The hotel also has a few Restaurants and a Cafe. However because of its location, you could easily take the Resort Line over to Ikspiari where a huge variety of options await. A fitness center is also available but I did not get to try it out this time.

Sheraton Grande Hotel Link

If you do not have a laptop to use, then you can use their PCs at the Link@Sheraton in the lobby.

Sheraton Grande Hotel Lounge


Sheraton Grande Hotel Restaurant View

Restaurant View

Sheraton Grande Hotel Restaurant View

View of the restaurant from the lobby.

Getting to the Parks

Access to Bayside Station is directly across the street and a complimentary shuttle bus will drop you off at the station if you are unable to walk the distance or decide to reserve energy. Although the loading and unloading process is quite long, if you are able to go on foot it’s highly recommended to walk. Which is a 2-3 minute walk.

Sheraton Grande Hotel View

You are able to see the resort right from the hotel!

Sheraton Grande Hotel View

Front view from the hotel

Sheraton Grande Hotel View

Cinderella’s Castle from the hotel.


Next time you are looking up Hotels to stay at in Japan to visit Tokyo Disney Resort, consider the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay. A good Western style hotel – right in the heart of the Resort – for a very reasonable price.

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  1. Rock Ledoux

    Same here, Daisy! My father was executive chef of the SGTB for 9 years and Someplace Else was my favorite restaurant! They would bring in a German Chef for Oktoberfest and decorate the place liek Germany and have a german-only food menu… was sooo good!

  2. Alberto

    If we arrive at Maihama Station after the Tokyo Disney monorail stops for the night, how long is the walk to the Sheraton? Is walking the only way to get there?

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