Sherwood Garden Buffet Review at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Sherwood Garden Buffet is one of two full menu restaurants at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel (the Dreamers Lounge offers a limited light-meal menu.) The cost is 4000 yen for adults may seem steep, but as we discovered, this is no ordinary buffet. Located on the 1st floor of the hotel, it is hard to miss.


Staying true to the theme of the hotel, Sherwood Garden has a very grand feeling. The entryway is covered in green and large doors that extend the to the ceiling. The dining area has sections that make it feel tiny and personal, but there are a few rooms spanning a large space.

Table at Sherwood Garden Buffet

If you can, ask for a table that has the bench seating with the oversized back rests. They are comfortable, and who does not want to sit in a chair where you feel 2 feet tall?


Sherwood Garden Buffet Table

In the middle of the restaurant is where all the food is located. If you have ever been to a buffet before, it works the same way. There is a variety of food ranging from salads, pasta, bread, deli meats, cheese, beef, chicken, fish, and everyone’s favourite, dessert. There is plenty variety of food even for the picky eaters in your family.

Meat Selection at Sherwood Garden Buffet

Just some of the meat you can choose from. Beef, chicken, and fish.

Drinks are your standard fare such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks. There are special drinks you can order, but those are extra on top of the cost of the buffet.

The buffet caters to the Japanese diet, so expect many dishes that spotlight fish and other seafood. Items are marked in English along with Japanese. If you are unsure about a dish, you can simply ask a Cast Member. You can use English, but if you’re feeling adventurous you can check out our phrases to use in Japanese.

Carrot Shaped Bread at Sherwood Garden Buffet

How could you NOT eat these? Adding butter just makes it that much better.

Bread Selection at Shewood Garden Buffet

This is the choice of cute bread. All themed according to the celebration at Tokyo Disney Resort.

The variety of pasta, bread, salads, and fish is quite extensive. You will find something you like. The only disappointment was the lack of beef and chicken dishes. Roast Beef was on the menu, which was delicious but that was the only item that was beef, besides the deli meats. Chicken dishes were at a minimum as well.


Mickey Cream Puffs Sherwood Garden Buffet

Light, fluffy, and delicious. Perfect way to top off an excellent meal.

Everyone’s reason for heading to a buffet is for dessert. Make sure to save some room. Japanese love their sweets and this buffer caters towards that heavily. Everything from cream puffs to fruit jelly to cheese cake. If you can think of it as a dessert, they will have it. The only thing missing was ice cream.

The desserts are decorated to match the current theme that is happening at Tokyo Disneyland Park. When we visited it was “Disney’s Easter”. There was no shortage of easter theme desserts. We will let the photos speak for themselves.

Easter Cake Sherwood Garden Buffet

It was as delicious as it is cute.

Sherwood Garden Buffet Table

The first table you see when you enter the buffet area.

Mickey and Minnie at Sherwood Garden Buffet

Theming is taken very seriously and they do an outstanding job.

Our favourites were the cheese cake, carrot cake, and the cream puffs. We may have had 2-3 pieces each.


Mickey and Minnie at Sherwood Garden Buffet

Mickey and Minnie make a small appearance at the buffet too!

While a bit pricey, you do get a huge choice of food and desserts that are all delicious. You will not leave that place hungry. The only complaint was the lack of variety for beef and chicken dishes. But this is understandable since it caters to the Japanese diet. If you are not a fan of seafood in general, then you will be eating a lot of carb heavy dishes.

The atmosphere is comfortable and elegant. You may feel a bit under dressed in your Mickey t-shirt and shorts, but that is OK, everyone else is doing the same. You may forget you are even in a Disney Resort until you see all the beautifully decorated buffet table and desserts.

If you are staying at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, then this buffet should be on your list of places to eat. It is a great way to tame your hunger – and a great environment to share stories after a long day at the parks.

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