Show Us Your Ears – A New Weekly Feature

Show Us Your Ears

Fat Hobbit will be featuring a new weekly column called “Show Us Your Ears”! Where once a week we choose a reader’s submission that gives us the back-story and favourite memories of your treasured Mickey Ears that come with you on every Disney Trip!

What To Submit

Provide a 250-500 word story sharing your favourite memories you’ve made with your treasured Mickey Ears. Give us the back-story, such as where you bought them or who bought them for you. Other things to write about are:

  • Why are they your favourite?
  • How many trips have they been?
  • Why was this pair in particular chosen?

These are just a few examples, you can write anything you wish! Be creative and original. Here’s a list of other items to ensure to include:

  • Title of your submission
  • Provide 2-5 photos that will appear in the submission
  • Your Name
  • Your Email address
  • Link to your Blog, Twitter, etc

How To Submit

Simply go to our submit page.