Space Mountain and Tomorrowland Being Rebuilt in 2027 at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Resort has announced that Space Mountain and Tomorrowland will undergo a massive update at Tokyo Disneyland that’ll cost about 56 billion yen. The renovations are set to open in 2027.

The plan is to rebuild Space Mountain and the surrounding area to fit Tomorrowland better. Space Mountain will remain a roller coaster but will be rebuilt to be more thrilling and have better effects. Space Mountain is set to close in 2024. Tomorrowland Square will also be redone to fit better with the area!

While details are limited, Tokyo Disney Resort has provided the below concept art showing the new Space Mountain and surrounding area during daylight, in addition to artwork showing how the land will come to life once the sun sets.

Be sure to check back for more information and construction photos of this exciting project!

© Disney
© Disney

Construction Updates

4 October 2022: Although the rebuilt Space Mountain is not scheduled to debut for another five years, Tokyo Disney Resort appears to have already started the groundwork for the project! Explorer Chris managed to capture these photos in which we can that construction is already well underway in the former parking lot behind Space Mountain. Interestingly, scaffolding has also been installed on the existing attraction’s tallest spire.

Don’t forget, there’s also the recently opened Toy Story Hotel and the Fantasy Springs Expansion at Tokyo DisneySea opening in 2023.

Information from Tokyo Disney Resort.

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  1. SweetCaroline74

    WOOHOO!!! While I’ll miss the iconic structure of Space Mountain, I’m on board with pretty much whatever OLC decide to do… LOL! I’m sure new Tomorrowland will look out of this world! (Pun totally intended…)

  2. Arlene Mazur

    Can’t wait to see looks really futuristic. Also we’ll be coming in 2023, we hope, do you happen to know the prices for staying at the Toy Story Hotel the prices aren’t listed on their wed site thanks

  3. Nrthwnd

    The more I look at the art concept of it, Space Mountain still looks like the original ‘show building’ will remain. But to me, it looks like they are taking a page from the TRON coaster design, with a canopy that completely surrounds Space Mountain, itself. Instead of partly, like in Shanghai (and soon to be) WDW’s magic Kingdom. And having a walkway “swirling” up to it, is eliminating the escalator part, but adding the front courtyard to it. Looks wonderful. I hope I can still move around (pushing 70 here) to enjoy it. We had plans to get to Japan after Fantasy Springs has opened (next year, yes?). And then they go and announce something awesome like this … but a few more years later for it. Will enjoy watching it’s re-imagining nonetheless.

  4. Elijah Veluzat

    We would like to know if their Space Mountain will still be open when Fantasy Springs opens? They have said it will close sometime in 2024, but the exact closing date has not been announced and that refurbishment is the last tid bit of information we need before we book our trip to Japan. If anyone knows the details concerning this, please inform us. Thank you!

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