Star Wars Black Ice Cream Cone at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland is now offering a black ice cream cone themed to Darth Vader in Tomorrowland! Which is available for ¥350 (~$3) at Soft Landing — 2nd floor near Pan Galactic Pizza Port outside.


Earlier this week, I queued up and got myself this interesting looking ice cream cone. The ice cream is peach and milk swirl with raspberry sauce. The cone is black and a tiny “Star Wars” chocolate is stuck to the side of the ice cream. The wrap around the cone has a nice design on it too.


Typically, I am not a fan of peach but the flavour in the ice cream is not overpowering and works well with the milk ice cream and raspberry sauce. The cone doesn’t taste any different than a normal one, so the colouring is just for show. Overall, it’s nothing “out of this world”, but if you want a photogenic (which Tokyo Disney Resort is well-known for) and nice tasting dessert, then you cannot go wrong with this.


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