Starbucks Clear Sparkling Water Review

Are you off to Japan soon? If so, you’ll want to stop by the nearest 7-11 (there’s one on almost every corner) to try one of the two new Starbucks clear sparkling water drinks — Starbucks Sparkling Refreshing Taste (Non-calorie) and Starbucks Sparkling Peach Splash (Low-calorie).

Flavoured sparkling and still clear water have become quite popular in Japan the past few years. Go into any convenience store and you’ll see flavoured clear water among the variety of soft drinks. I’ve seen apple, yogurt, and even milk tea flavours recently.

Starbucks in Japan is taking advantage of this trend with their own offerings. I went to my neighbourhood 7-11 and bought one of each and gave them a try. Both beverages have caffeine from coffee cherries and coconut juice.

Are they worth it? Let’s find out!

Starbucks Sparkling Refreshing Taste (Non-calorie)

Starbucks Sparkling Water Japan Refreshing Taste

390ml for ¥130 ($1.20USD)

Besides the nice bottle, this is nothing more than sparkling water with a bit of caffeine and a hint of coconut. The simplicity of it (and the reasonable price) make it a nice refreshing drink if you want to splurge a bit on sparkling water.

It’s the price that makes appealing since it’s not much more than a bottle of water (about ¥100 or $1USD for a 500ml bottle). Also, I am a sucker for nice design.

Starbucks Sparkling Peach Splash (Low-calorie)

Starbucks Sparkling Water Japan Peach Splash

390ml for ¥140 ($1.30USD)

The exact same bottle design with a slightly different label. I am not a fan of peach drinks normally, but this drink is mild in its sweetness and peach flavour. It’s quite nice and refreshing.

Out of the two, I’d opt for the “Starbucks Sparkling Refreshing Taste” over the peach flavoured drink. It’s a nice alternative to having sugar-filled soft drinks when I want something more than just water. What surprised me most is the reasonable price for these drinks, I was expecting to pay at least ¥200 (if not more) for a bottle. What a pleasant surprise. I recommend giving them a try when you’re in Japan!

To my knowledge, these drinks are only available in convenience stores in Japan. The Starbucks locations don’t carry these. It’s said other convenience stores will begin offering these drinks soon. Would you try these? Let me know in the comments!

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