Staying Off-Site While Visiting Walt Disney World – Part 2

Our guest post continues from our friends at Reunion Private Rentals with part two of staying off-site for your next Walt Disney World vacation. Check out part one if you haven’t already.

Windsor Hills Entrance

Closest resort community to Disney is Windsor Hills, only 2 miles from the gates of the Magic Kingdom.  In the last 5-8 years Windsor Hills has firmly cemented its place as most popular off-site rental resort in the Disney Orlando area.   The resort benefits from top class facilities including a large lagoon style community pool with water slides and a clubhouse with gym and cinema.  Shuttle bus services run frequently to and from the resort to Disney.   If its golf you are after, Windsor Hills is adjacent to the Mystic Dunes Golf Club and within easy reach of the vast array of golf courses in the Kissimmee area.  Rentals in Windsor Hills range from large 6 bed homes to 3 and 4 bed townhouses to 2 or 3 bed condos offering a breadth of selection capable of meeting all party sizes and types.  The owner rental market in Windsor Hills is mature and most properties in the resort are holiday rentals meaning the community pool and general resort area have a buzz about them making it feel more holiday resort than residential community.

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When negotiating for that perfect rental deal ensure you know your requirements.  There is nothing owners hate more than time-wasters.  Be mindful an owner has spent considerable time and effort on making their home stand out from the crowd by choosing unique interiors, offering bespoke services and creating their own website.  Always ensure you make them feel you are interested in their property for reasons other than cost.  If you get the owner on-side you’re likely to find the cost more flexible when negotiations start.  Likewise, always negotiate.  The rental market is highly competitive.  If one owner won’t budge on price you’ll always find another who will and all owners know that.  But don’t push too much.  Most owners start offering prices that aren’t hugely negotiable and you’ll often find if pushed they’ll simply tell you to try elsewhere.  If you’re willing to put in the time and effort a useful way to land a deal is to scour owner availability calendars.  If you can find slots in the calendar sandwiched between bookings and can arrange your holiday to fit you’ll find fantastic deals on offer as the owner is likely to find it difficult to fill these slots and often offer up discounts to ensure they do.

Leisure Pool Windsor Hills


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