Super Nintendo World 2024 Guide & Tips

Super Nintendo World is the first Nintendo-themed land inside Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, Japan. Officially opened on March 18, 2021, this brand-new land is a Nintendo fan’s dream.

This area packs into a seemingly small space with two attractions: a restaurant, snack stand, character greetings, shops, and many interactive elements.

In our guide to Super Nintendo World, we’ll explain how to get into the land, what to expect for the rides, how the Power-Up Bands work, what food to eat, and practical tips to help you make the most out of your day. We share everything we learned during our hands-on experience.

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How to get into Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World Entrance - 10
Entrance to Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World is immensely popular, and getting a free timed-entry ticket or paid Express Pass is necessary to enter the land. With an Express Pass, you’re guaranteed entry into the land and reduce your wait time at the attractions! Here’s how you can enter Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan.

You’ll need a day ticket (or annual pass) to enter Universal Studios Japan and a timed entry ticket for Super Nintendo World.

Timed-Entry Tickets into Super Nintendo World

Screenshot from the official Universal Studios Japan App

You’ll need a free-timed entry ticket to enter Super Nintendo World without paying for an Express Pass. There are two types of tickets- Area Timed Entry and Standby Entry. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Protip: If you have an Expres Pass with a timed entry for a later time, you can get an additional Timed Entry through the app or kiosk.

A signboard near Super Nintendo World’s entrance has up-to-date information on which tickets are available. Timed entry tickets sell out quickly, so plan on visiting the park as early as possible.

Area Timed Entry Ticket

There are two ways to get a ticket when you visit the park: on the Universal Studios Japan app or at a ticket machine in Central Park (near the JAWS attraction).

When applying for the ticket, you must specify the desired entry time. Please note that you can only apply for an Area Timed Entry Ticket once daily.

When applying for the ticket for entry with a group, you must scan every member’s park ticket. If you win an Area Timed Entry Ticket, you can enter the Super Nintendo World within the specified time on the ticket. However, you aren’t permitted to re-enter once you leave the area.

Area Standby Entry Ticket

If you don’t win an Area Timed Entry ticket, or if the tickets are distributed, you can enter a separate lottery for an Area Standby Entry Ticket. If someone cancels their Area Timed Entry Ticket, you can fill their spot with an Area Standby Entry Ticket.

You can apply for this ticket on the Universal Studios Japan app or at the ticket machines at Central Park (near the JAWS attraction). Like the Area Timed Entry Ticket, you must scan every group member’s park ticket and choose the desired entry time. You can only apply for this ticket once a day.

Lottery results are announced an hour before your desired entry time. Depending on the crowds, you may be able to enter the area without a timed ticket.

Read more about the Timed Entry Ticket on the official Universal Studios Japan website.

Super Nintendo World + Express Pass

Peach's Castle
In the evening, she’s even more beautiful.

The easiest way to get into Super Nintendo World is by purchasing one of ten Express Passes available for the land. With an Express Pass, you are guaranteed entry into Super Nintendo World on the day of your visit.

Depending on which Pass you get, you can significantly reduce the waiting time on Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge and Yoshi’s Adventure!

These are the starting prices of the different types of Express Passes (note these also include other attractions):

  • Mario Kart or Yoshi’s Adventure: Express Pass 4 for ¥7,800 (about US$71)
  • Both Mario Kart & Yoshi’s Adventure: Express Pass 7 for ¥10,800 (about US$99)
  • All Attractions: Express Pass Premium for ¥18,700 (about US$171)

You can buy an Express Pass and a Timed Area Entry ticket if you want to go in earlier than your Express Pass time.

Read more about Express Pass at Universal Studios Japan.

Get into Super Nintendo World without a Timed Entry or Express Pass

Universal Studios Japan usually opens the park before the official time. For example, if the park is supposed to open at 9:00 AM, the gates may open at 8:00 or 8:30. The time is different almost every day.

Why is this significant? If you enter the park before the official opening time, you can walk right into Super Nintendo World without a timed entry or using your Express Pass. Remember that once you leave and timed entry is required, you’ll have to get one or use your Express Pass.

On slower days, you won’t need a Timed Entry to enter the area. This isn’t known beforehand, so I wouldn’t rely on that.

I have an Express Pass for Super Nintendo World already. Can I get another timed entry?

Yes, you can get a timed entry for Super Nintendo World alongside the timed entry with your Express Pass. The Express Pass isn’t linked to your ticket. It’s common for Express Pass bought through Klook to give you an entry time later in the day, which you may want to go in earlier.

If you arrive early, as mentioned above, you can get a timed entry and go into Super Nintendo World before your Express Pass time. Once you leave, you can use your timed entry from your Express Pass to come back in.

Super Nintendo World Itinerary

Beanpole Mountain

Here’s a simplified version of our plan of attack for when you get into Super Nintendo World. There’s so much to do here that it may be tough to do in a single visit. This also assumes you aren’t doing the Express Pass for the attractions.

  • Buy your Power-Up Bands and link to the Universal Studios Japan app
  • Use the single rider line for Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge
  • Grab a meal at Kinopio’s Cafe
  • Meet Princess Peach, Mario & Luigi, and Toad
  • Collect three keys from mini-games to do the Bowser Jr. Challenge
  • Ride Yoshi’s Adventure
  • Play with all the interactive coin blocks and mini-games throughout the area (blocks, music blocks, binoculars, etc.)
  • Snack from Yoshi’s Snack Island or the Popcorn Stop
  • Shop for merchandise

Once inside the land, expect to spend at least 4-5 hours here (depending on crowds). I’d recommend at least two full days at Universal Studios Japan to experience the park fully.

Super Nintendo World Rides

Without a doubt, you want to experience some rides while in Super Nintendo World. Here’s what you need to know and how to ride them! There are two rides to choose from: Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge and Yoshi’s Adventure.

Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge

The flagship attraction is Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge, which you’ll find in the back of Super Nintendo World inside Koopa’s Castle. Bowser is known as Koopa in Japan, hence the name.

The best way to describe Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge is an AR (augmented reality) dark-ride video game. This attraction mixes classic dark-ride elements (animatronics and moving along a track, to name a few things) with AR through goggles attached to a headset to superimpose characters and other video game elements within your view. Then, with the added video gaming aspect of collecting coins, throwing shells at enemies, and trying to get the highest score.

Read our extensive review with tons more photos on Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge.

Mario Kart is a ride that’s suitable for families with children. While it’s not the ride that everyone was expecting (it doesn’t move as fast as you’d want it to), it still hits the essence of Mario Kart, and you’ll still leave with a smile. At least, I did.

Pro tip: At the entrance to Mario Kart is a seat to ensure you can fit securely into the ride vehicle. If you’re concerned about height or body shape, try this before entering the long queue.

Yoshi’s Adventure

Yoshi's Adventure

Yoshi’s Adventure is a family-friendly omnimover attraction where you hop on the back of a Yoshi and take a colourful tour of Super Nintendo World. You’ll meet familiar characters like Baby Peach, Mario, and Captain Toad!

While on Yoshi’s Adventure, it’s one of the best spots in the area to get high-up photos and videos. The queue itself is full of familiar music and aesthetics from the Yoshi games throughout the years. So it’s worth riding.

You’ll collect different stamps if your Power-Up Band is linked with your Universal Studios Japan app! With your Power-Up Band, hit the coloured eggs on your lap bar when they light up. These coloured eggs correspond with the same coloured eggs during your ride.

Unlike Mario Kart, we collected all the stamps in one ride-through, where you’ll need multiple ride-throughs.

Bowser Jr. Challenge

Entrance to the Bowser Jr. Challenge
Entrance to the Bowser Jr. Challenge

Bowser Jr. Challenge is an attraction that requires you to collect three different keys with your Power-Up Band by playing three of the five mini-games. While the games aren’t challenging, you queue for them, and those lines could get rather lengthy.

Once you collect three coins (tracked in the Universal Studios Japan app), you can join the Bowser Jr. Challenge.

Character Greetings

Aside from the rides, one of my favourite things about Super Nintendo World is meeting characters from my childhood: Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach. Yes, you can meet all of them and have your photo taken!

Ensure you have your Power-Up Band setup (see our guide below) before getting your photos. There are stamps to collect when you visit each of these characters! The team member scans your band, and you’ll collect the stamp in the Universal Studios Japan App.

Princess Peach

Princess Peach Character Greeting

Once you’ve journeyed through the green pipe and the iconic Princess Peach Castle, you’ll see Princess Peach herself under a gazebo waiting for you.

Princess Peach even speaks in English! While it’s only set phrases, it’s still a surprise and puts a massive smile on your face.

Mario & Luigi

Mario and Luigi Character Greeting

On the first floor, in the middle of Super Nintendo World at the two Mario Bros. Themselves: Mario & Luigi. You’ll meet these two icons each time, and just like Princess Peach, they speak in English too!

Don’t forget to hit the coin blocks; these blocks are part of stamps to collect, where you have to hit all the blocks in the land.


Toad Character Greeting

My favourite character, Toad, is on the first floor with Mario & Luigi. He moves around a bit, so keep an eye out for him. He’s so adorable that I want to take him home.

The photographers can take your photo with their professional cameras, and you can buy the photo afterward. It also comes with a digital download version, a photo and a video.

See more photos of all the character greetings!

Super Nintendo World Food

Super Nintendo World outdid themselves with the sheer amount of available food. From a whole restaurant to a snack stand to popcorn. There’s no shortage of food.

Kinopio’s Cafe

Super Nintendo World Kinopios Cafe
Kinopio’s Cafe

The main restaurant is Kinopio’s Cafe, inside the gigantic mushroom on the first floor. You can’t miss it. Toad is known as “Kinopio,” hence the restaurant’s name. You’ll instantly recognize the theming if you’ve played Super Mario World 3D.

You dine inside Toad’s House, which is straight out of the game, and even when you head inside, you’re given a virtual gift by tapping your Power-Up Band! Choose between small or large gifts to see what you get.

The menu inside Kinopio’s Cafe is massive for a single restaurant, ranging from themed burgers, pasta, salads, pizza, and even Peach’s Cake.

While the prices are a bit on the steep side, the portions are pretty large, and you’d be able to share dishes if you don’t want to blow your budget.

Must-try Dishes at Kinopio’s Cafe

Princess Peach’s Cake

Not sure what to get? Here’s a quick list of what you should try:

  • Mario’s Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Yoshi’s Spinach Carbonara
  • Fire Flower Spaghetti
  • Pizza Bowl
  • Piranha Plant Capreses
  • Peach’s Cake
  • Goal Pole Cake
  • ? Block Tiramisu

We have a complete guide to all the food at Super Nintendo World with more photos. Also, watch our video above showcasing some delicious food you can try.

Yoshi’s Snack Island

Yoshi's Snack Island
Yoshi’s Snack Stand in the back of the area

Yoshi’s Snack Island is near the Donkey Kong-esque circular door in the back of Super Nintendo World. Here, you can get a Green Shell Calzone filled with yakisoba noodles (fried noodles) with cheese or a small variety of drinks.

Popcorn Stand & Buckets

Mario Kart Popcorn Bucket

If you’re hungry and want a quick snack, the popcorn stands before Mario Kart, where you can find two popcorn flavours and two Nintendo-themed popcorn buckets.

There are a lot of mushroom-flavoured food items here, aren’t there? My favourite is the Caramel Peach, which oddly works. The two popcorn flavours are Caramel Peach and Cream Mushroom.

Then there are the two popcorn buckets: Super Star and Mario Kart. You can’t go wrong with either of these; popcorn buckets light up! The Super Star bucket is my top choice because it has two light-up modes and is much easier to carry!

Are there vegetarian or vegan options at Super Nintendo World?

There were no food items advertised as vegetarian inside Super Nintendo World. However, there were a few items that didn’t contain any meat. We cannot guarantee these are 100% vegetarian, so please double-check during your visit.

  • Piranha Plant Caprese
  • Yoshi’s Favorite Fruit & Veggie Salad
  • Mushroom Soup

We couldn’t find any items that were vegan-friendly inside Super Nintendo World. See our food guide for more on Super Nintendo World food.

Super Nintendo World Merchandise

A visit to a theme park isn’t complete without a vast selection of merchandise to max your credit card out on (don’t do that, but you get the point). Super Nintendo World merchandise is abundant, and you won’t have trouble finding something you’ll love.

1UP Factory

1UP Factory

There’s so much merchandise. The 1UP Factory is the leading shop in Super Nintendo World. You’ll spend at least 30 to 45 minutes browsing. Everything is inside, from Super Nintendo World branded items to character accessories so you can dress like one of your favourite characters.

Check out our massive blog post with photos, or watch our 45-minute merchandise video above to see what’s available.

Mario Motors

Mario Motors Store

Mario Motors is the gift shop attached to Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge. Naturally, you’ll exit through the gift shop. Here’s where all the exclusive Mario Kart merchandise is, and you won’t find these items anywhere else, so buy it while you can.

Outside Super Nintendo World

See the 8-Bit merchandise that’s available outside of Super Nintendo World

Never fear; if you didn’t get a timed entry into Super Nintendo World or forgot to buy something, there are a few other stores where you can find items!

Near the entrance to Universal Studios Japan are two stores: one Universal Studios Store and the other in California Confectionery. These stores offer a selection of items inside Super Nintendo World, but not all exclusive 8-bit merchandise is found inside Universal Studios Store. Are you confused yet? A store attached to the Mario Cafe with exclusive “Who’s Cap” merchandise.

See what items are available by checking out our blog post.

That’s not all for things to buy from Super Nintendo World! The one item that’s a must is the Power-Up Band, which we’ll dive into next.

Power-Up Bands

Watch the video above with us using the Power-Up Bands!

Power-Up Bands are slap-on bracelets that interact with various elements within Super Nintendo World. However, these aren’t free and come at the cost of ¥3,200 or US$30 each. While not everyone in your group needs to have one, if you want to make the most out of Super Nintendo World, then this is a must.

In my opinion, without a Power-Up Band, you’re only getting half the experience. Once you buy the Power-Up Band, you link it to your Universal Studios Japan app, and it’ll automatically begin tracking your progress within Super Nintendo World.

There are different characters for your Power-Up Band: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, and Toad!

These Power-Up Bands add a real-life video game element to Super Nintendo World, which feeds into the kinetic energy you feel throughout the area. I love it so much.

Ok, enough gushing; here’s what the Power-Up Band tracks:

  • Coins you collect from coin blocks and mini-games
  • Stamps (aka achievements) from completing various tasks and events
  • Your rankings on the online leaderboards for Mario Kart, Bowser Jr, Team Ranking, and Daily Rankings

Think of it as an accessory to a real-life video game! The Power-Up Bands do not hold any payment or ticket information.

Power-Up Band Tips

Power-Up Band Super Nintendo World

Here are a few practical tips for the Power-Up Bands:

  • Punch the underside of the blocks with your fist and not your band (it’s soft, so you don’t hurt yourself, and it’s sanitized frequently with hand sanitizers nearby, too).
  • These double as Amiibo for various Nintendo Switch games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World.
  • For other elements that aren’t blocks (like the “M” on walls), you tap your band to interact with it (don’t punch it cause it’s solid, and it’ll hurt, trust me, cause I’ve done this by mistake).

Donkey Kong Country Expansion

The Donkey Kong Country expansion opens in spring 2024 and includes a brand-new rollercoaster, food, merchandise, and a new land to explore!

Super Nintendo World Tips

Here’s how to maximize your time inside Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan!

  • To guarantee you’ll experience Super Nintendo World, buy an ExpressPass with a timed entry.
  • Use the Single Rider line for Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge.
  • Download the Universal Studios Japan app ahead of time. This way, you’re not frantically downloading it when trying to do your Area Entry Ticket or set up your Power-Up Band.
  • Buy your Power-Up Band along the walkway when entering or inside the land (avoid the one by the pipe entrance).
  • Set up your Power-Up Band before going in to start collecting coins immediately.
  • If you have an Express Pass for Super Nintendo World attractions with a timed entry, you can get an additional Timed Entry through the app or kiosk (if they’re available)

More on Super Nintendo World

There are tons more on Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan. Here’s a list of all our other content to enjoy and plan your trip!

Do you have questions about Super Nintendo World?

There’s much to know about this area at Universal Studios Japan. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments! We’ll update this guide with the best and most up-to-date information.

The guide was created with the help of Explorer Parker.

More on Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan Guidebook

Are you planning a trip to Universal Studios Japan? If so, you need our digital guidebook! Our guidebook is the most comprehensive resource available, covering everything you need to know about the park, including Super Nintendo World, Express Pass, hotels, restaurants, attractions, shows, seasonal events, and more! With our guidebook, you’ll be an expert on Universal Studios Japan before you even set foot in the park. You’ll know what to expect, where to go, and what to do. You’ll also be able to avoid the crowds and make the most of your time at the park.

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Book Your Flight

I use Google Flights & Momodo to find affordable flights. Another great way is to sign up for Scott’s Cheap Flights to get notifications of cheap fares, which happens often in Japan. You’ll sometimes stumble on cheap flights to Kansai International Airport.

Buy Your Shinkansen Tickets (Bullet Train)

Getting around Japan by the world-renowned bullet train, known as the Shinkansen, is incredibly fast, reliable, and affordable for visitors. You can travel from Tokyo to Osaka in just over 2 hours. Get the JR Rail Pass to save a ton of money on the bullet train for your trip.

Book Your Hotel

Universal Studios Japan has affordable accommodations that are steps away from the park and have easy access to Osaka. I recommend checking prices through followed by the hotels directly. Sometimes you’re able to score some incredible deals. Here’s a short list of hotels at Universal Studios Japan I recommend.

  • The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan – You’re directly in front of the Park gates and have instant access to Universal CityWalk Osaka. The rooms are gorgeous, with restaurants and even a Lawson (Japanese convenience store).
  • The Singulari HOTEL & SKYSPA – Attached to the train station is a fantastic hotel for those who want a comfortable, clean, and stylish place to sleep. After a long day at Universal Studios Japan, the rooftop sento (public bath) is excellent for unwinding and relaxing.
  • Hotel Universal Port – This is an excellent hotel for the Minion fan in your family, only a 5-minute walk from Universal Studios Japan. It also boasts the largest breakfast buffet in Japan, a must during your visit.

Buy Your Tickets & Express Pass

In advance, save time and stress by buying your tickets and Express Pass for Universal Studios Japan.

Stay Connected

Universal Studios Japan only offers free Wi-Fi at the entrance to the Park. That’s not enough to stay connected and share your day with everyone back home to give them FOMO on Instagram. Here’s how you can stay connected while travelling in Japan.

  • Pocket Wi-Fi – If you’re travelling with a group or have multiple devices, this is your best and most affordable way to stay connected to the internet. Pick up and drop off at the airport. Easy.
  • Japan SIM Card – If you have an unlocked phone and need a Japanese phone number, this is the best and easiest way.

Get Yourself Travel Insurance

While travelling aboard, having travel insurance protects you against injury, cancellations, illness, and other things you can never predict. Whenever I travel, I always budget for travel insurance to protect myself. I’ve used it, and I’m so glad I had it. My recommended companies are SafteyWing and  World Nomads for travel insurance.

Learn More about Universal Studios Japan

Don’t forget to study our in-depth destination guide on Universal Studios Japan for more information on this beautiful park in Osaka.

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    Thank you.

  28. Jesse

    Just bought my tickets on Klook since I couldn’t go through the USJ website. The downfall of klook is not picking the time entry times. I got 16:50 to enter Super Nintendo World but the park closes at 7. So I get 2 hours on both days to experience this place is kind of disappointing for the amount of money I’m paying.

  29. April

    Question ! Will ANY of thé express passes guarantee entry for Super Nintendo world? Only a few are available for sale through travel agencies at this point. And are you 100% if we show up let’s say 1 hour before hours of operation we can just walk into SNW? We’re going to do both I think. Buy any express pass available and show up early. What do you think? We need to get into SMW!

  30. Suzie

    Hi TDR explorer! We have used your guides for years and they are absolutely amazing. we are back in April and doing Universal on 7/8 and have bought 2 day passes.. from what i understand though, I should not buy to fast passes as if i do buy 3, there is no saying these will have all the same times booked, is that correct? We are coming from Australia so i’d rather spend the money and not miss anything.. what is the best way to pre-plan to make sure we get into nintendo world?

  31. Noel

    Hi, great article! Oner question though. Can we buy the power bands using credit card? Or do they only accept cash? Thanks!

  32. Pierre

    Hello !
    I got a question ; is it possible to go early to the SNW park (like before the opening time so like 8:30), enjoy it the more i can AND get a Power Up Band even if I don’t have an express pass ?
    Thanks for your time 🙂

  33. xtine

    I see some sites (e.g. KKDay, Rakuten Travel) sell an admission + special entry package, where the special entry allows the ticket holder to enter the park 15 minutes earlier via the Studio West entrance.

    Q#1: Is that worth getting? By 15 minutes earlier, is that 15 minutes earlier than the official park opening time, or 15 minutes earlier than the time that the park actually opens (you mentioned above that it usually opens 30-60 minutes earlier than the official time)?
    Q#2: Is the Studio West entrance closer/farther from SNW?


  34. Jessica

    Hi! Thank you for taking questions here! Wondering if the characters Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach make appearances often, and if there are any set timings I can look up? My 4year old son really wants to get his photo with them but I’m scared that they don’t appear when we are there and we end up waiting in vain. 🙁

  35. Aaron

    Thanks for the detailed explanation Sensei! It really helped to clear up many questions that I have on USJ and SNW.. One question, do you know if the express passes allows me to re-enter the super nintendo world? Meaning, can I get in to the SNW in the morning, play the SNW rides, head out to USJ to utilise the main USJ rides and finally reenter SNW in the evening?

    thank you!

  36. Sally

    Thanks for your helpful guide! Do you have to buy power up bands each day you go? We are going to do two days there. Thanks

  37. Ariana

    Thank you for all the work you out into your posts! They’re very helpful. Do you know if secondhand power up bands can be bought at any of the Disney shops you mentioned at nakano Broadway? Or anywhere? Can they be reset? Would it be worth it? Thanks in advance?

  38. Ashley

    Hi Chris! Do we need reservations to get into toad cafe? Or is this something we can just stand in line and wait our turn to order?

  39. M Lee

    Hi Chris – Thanks so much for your useful, fun, and family friendly content on Japan and amusement parks. I was hooked after your video on HK Disney a few years ago when you bought all those Duffy / Cookie / Gelatoni merch. =)

    We are also expats living in Asia and are finally traveling to Japan again. We plan on visiting USJ in June. We were thinking of spending 2.5 days there, because we may need that much time with our 7 year old…. I noticed that the standard annual pass is 20000Yen. Would you suggest buying that instead of 2.5 day passes? Are annual passes available to foreigners to buy and is it only available in Japanese on the USJ website? Would I need a printout of the annual pass, if I want to add on Express Passes for our upcoming trip? Thank you sooo much.

  40. Tania

    Hello. Firstly, thanks for your very informative and helpful guide. I’m heading to USJ later this year and Super Nintendo World is a must do.
    Can I confirm that if I purchase a Studio Day Pass and Express Pass, that I don’t need to register for a timed entry?
    If so, do I present the Express Pass at the main gate or entry to SNW once the time arrives?
    Also, the Studio Day Pass allows for general entry to USJ and the other rides on the Express Pass? Do I need another pass to get into Harry Potter World?
    So many questions, I know 🙂 Thanks in advance.

  41. Daisy

    Hi Chris, I wanted to know if you aren’t able to finish all the food you order at kinopio’s cafe are you able to take home the rest of the food?

  42. Gio G

    Everything is mostly self-explanatory, since they use a lot of sounds from the games. The app is also in English, and explains a lot of what you will find in the area.

  43. Nadib

    Hello, thanks for your great article! We will visit USJ next Oct, and I have two questions I hope you can help me to answer me.
    (1) Klook has a ticket option of early entry + 1-day pass, which I cannot find on the official USJ ticket website. What’s the difference?
    (2) My friends who have been to USJ offered to lend us their power-up band, but we are unsure if it can be used for another person/account?
    Thank you very much!!

  44. apan

    hi, thank you for all the info you have been sharing. May i ask ,
    1.) if i buy a universal studios park ticket and express pass (which includes super mario) , does it mean i am automatically included in the list of people who can get in?
    2.) if i have an express pass, can i go in and out of super mario world?

    thank you very much.

  45. MCos

    Thank you for this great guide. We had to purchase our Express Passes through Klook, which randomly allocates your timed entry. Disappointingly we’ve been given times which only allow for 1 hour in Super Nintendo World, before we have to move on to Harry Potter World. If we get to the park early enough, is it possible to apply for an Area Timed Entry Ticket, and just ignore the time that’s been designated to us as part of our Express Pass? I’m unsure if the system would stop us from double-dipping like this.

  46. Karalie

    Can you buy a studio pass and then get an area timed entry ticket using the app? How far in advance can I get the area timed entry ticket?

  47. Ibrahim

    Hi am I right that these are the correct ways for the nintendo world

    1) buy a normal 1 day ticket + timed entry for nintendo

    2) buy normal ticket + express ticket to have also access to nintendo world

    3) buy only a normal entry ticket go early and run to nintendo world?

  48. Nessa

    Hello, my family and I are going to USJ on 22 Feb 2024. However, due to our indecisiveness, we were unable to get Express passes (all disabled shown on the website).

    1) I saw that 23 Feb 2024 is the Emperor’s birthday which is a holiday, will it cause USJ to have a higher influx of crowds?

    2) I saw on some other platform that area timed entry tickets are sold at their tourists’ service center if one is unable to get timed entry tickets. Is this true?

  49. TDR Explorer

    Any national holiday will be busy, so expect crowds on that day and possibly the day before. I haven’t read or heard about area timed entry tickets being sold as they’re “free” inside the park (or included with Express Pass). I recommend reading our Super Nintendo World guide that talks about the timed area tickets (you won’t need one for Harry Potter as I’ve never seen it used in years).

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