Sweet Duffy Italian Hot Chocolate Review

Sweet Duffy at Tokyo DisneySea always brings an array of tasty treats to try. From muffins to drinks, there is something for every one. We tried the Hot Chocolate, which is available at Gondolier Snacks for ¥480 for a limited time.

What Is Inside

Sweet Duffy Italian Hot Chocolate at Tokyo DisneySea Bread

Not only do you get Hot Chocolate with delicious raspberry jam. There is also some sweet bread to dip!

Hot chocolate is the main ingredient (naturally), but surprisingly there is also raspberry jam. Which sits at the bottom of the cup. While not inside the drink, you get a slice of sweet bread to dip into your drink!


Sweet Duffy Italian Hot Chocolate at Tokyo DisneySea Front

Cup design is incredibly well done and cute. Better than the generic red cup that most hot beverages come in.

The Gelatoni and Duffy themed cup is detailed and well executed. It is a paper cup, which pains me to throw away because it is so cute. The piece of sweet bread comes wrapped in the normal Tokyo Disney Parks red wrapping.

How is it?

Sweet Duffy Italian Hot Chocolate at Tokyo DisneySea Cup

Who does not want a little Sweet Duffy in their lives?

The hot chocolate is a perfect compliment to the colder weather in Tokyo during the winter. The chocolate is not too sweet and the added raspberry jam at the bottom gives it just enough kick to make it exciting to eat. The added [bread] is a bonus and makes you feel like a kid dunking Oreos in a glass of hot milk. The sweet bread itself is sweet and flaky, which is perfect for dunking.

Should You Get It?

Sweet Duffy Italian Hot Chocolate at Tokyo DisneySea Dip

Simply having bread to dip into your hot chocolate makes it worth the price of ¥480

If you’re looking for hot chocolate then you have to give this one a try. While it is simple hot chocolate the added extras make it worth the money. Also, the cup itself is adorable.

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