Sweet Fried Burrito at Tokyo DisneySea

A new treat has made it’s debut over at Tropic Al’s at Tokyo DisneySea, just in time for Disney’s Easter. We try out this new and interesting dessert.

What Is Inside

Sweet Fried Burrito Tropic Als Tokyo DisneySea

Tropic Als is located in Lost River Delta at Tokyo DisneySea

Looks can be deceiving, especially with this dessert. If you did not know the name you would expect to find perhaps the filling to be of a normal burrito. But, you would be incorrect! It is actually filled with banana and caramel wrapped in a deep fried crust.


Sweet Fried Burrito Packaging at Tropic Als Tokyo DisneySea

The packaging is well done and features Donald!

While he burrito itself is nothing special, the packaging is quite well executed. The design with Donald is cute and fits well with the theme of Lost River Delta. To eat it, you don’t ever have to touch it with your hands! The packaging unwraps in such a way that if you’re fingers are sticky from Strawberry popcorn, you won’t mix the flavors! How ingenious is that?

How is it?

Sweet Fried Burrito Close Tropic Als Tokyo DisneySea

Close up of the Sweet Fried Burrito. The inside is warm banana and caramel

I was expecting it to be full of rich caramel and banana flavor. While the banana flavor was presence the caramel was pale in comparison, almost to the point where you couldn’t taste it. Which was a bit disappointing. But, with that said the burrito itself was light and flaky like a pastry which made it enjoyable.

Should You Get It?

Sweet Fried Burrito Backside Tropic Als Tokyo DisneySea

Hey, at least the packaging is exciting!

If you’re looking for a light snack in both flavor and size, then give this a go. But if you’re expecting it to be full of rich banana and caramel flavor, you will be disappointed. While this snack is nothing spectacular, it is still a nice new addition to the ever changing menu at Tokyo DisneySea.

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