Tanabata Days 2016 Details at Tokyo Disney Resort

Tanabata Days returns to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea starting June 16 through July 7, 2016. A week longer than earlier years. This three-week long celebration, also known as the Star Festival, brings a unique Japanese spin to both parks. Offering guests limited menu items, merchandise, entertainment, and a chance to put your wish on one of the wishing places in the parks! Also, this year a special “Yukata Disney Campaign” is offered to guests. Don’t miss our Guide to Tanabata Days at Tokyo Disney Resort, which explains what this special season is all about!

Tanabata Days is one of the shorter celebrations at the resort.

Tokyo Disneyland

Mickey and Minnie Greeting Tanabata Days 2015 Tokyo Disneyland

Mickey and Minnie in beautifully coloured traditional Japanese clothing

Mickey and friends greet guests daily during their “Tanabata Greeting” while riding rickshaws along the parade route and wearing their best Tanabata costumes.

The greeting happens twice daily along the parade route and features the following Disney Characters:

  • Mickey & Minnie Mouse
  • Donald & Daisy Duck
  • Pluto & Goofy
  • Chip N Dale
  • Clarice
  • Max
  • Rapunzel & Flynn Rider
  • Snow White & The Prince
  • Cinderella & Prince Charming
  • Belle & The Prince

The Wishing Place is where guests can write their wishes and hang them! This area is decorated in beautiful bamboo branches and Tanabata streamers.

World Bazaar Tanabata Days 2015 Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo DisneySea

Dressed as Hikoboshi (Altair) and Orihime (Vega), Mickey and Minnie are joined by their friends in this special “Tanabata Greeting” in the Mediterranean Harbor. The following characters appear in the show:

  • Mickey & Minnie Mouse
  • Duffy & ShellieMay,
  • Aladdin & Jasmine
  • Ariel & Prince Eric

The Wishing Place is set up at Pier 32 in the American Waterfront. Just like the World Bazaar in Tokyo Disneyland, guests can write their wishes on special wishing cards and tie them onto the wishing place!

Donald and Daisy Sign Tanabata Days 2015 Tokyo Disneyland

Donald and Daisy

Yukata Disney Campaign

This special campaign is available to guests who are dressed in a yukata (summer kimono). Guests receive a “Yukata Disney Guidebook” which gives unique locations to take photos and ways to enjoy the park.

Special Merchandise

Roughly 20 items are available for guests to buy. Which include memo pads, plush, key chains, phone straps, etc. New merchandise includes a designs of Minnie dressed in a kimono such as folding fans and bags.

Tokyo DisneySea is offering Tanabata designed costumes for Duffy, ShellieMay (no mention of Gelatoni, yet).


Select restaurants at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea offer dishes inspired by Tanabata. Which means, uniquely Japanese cuisine. Guests also receive a special wishing card, only available at these restaurants.

  • Restaurant Hokusai (Tokyo Disneyland)
  • Blue Bayou Restaurant (Tokyo Disneyland)
  • Restaurant Sakura (Tokyo DisneySea)
  • S.S.Columbia Dining Room (Tokyo DisneySea)

Both parks offer a special dessert which comes with a souvenir cup.

Tokyo Disneyland is offering a special Sparkling Tapioca Drink at Boiler Room Bites and Captain Hook’s Galley. While Tokyo DisneySea is offering a special cocktail at Barnacle Bill’s, along with a Tanabata themed shaved ice dessert at Liberty Landing Diner.

Disney Hotels

Restaurants and lounges at both Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and Disney Ambassador Hotel are offering limited time menu items to guests.

The Dreamers Lounge at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is offering a special afternoon tea set with decorations themed after Mickey and Minnie. Along with a new dessert themed after Daisy and Donald. The Sherwood Garden Buffet is also offering Tanabata Themed food and dessert shaped and themed to stars and bamboo!

Over at Disney Ambassador Hotel, Restaurant Hana and Empire Grill are serving dishes themed to the romantic atmosphere of Tanabata. The Hyperion Lounge is offering a dessert themed after Disney characters and Tanabata, including a non-alcoholic cocktail which includes a unique Wishing Card (exclusive to the Hotel).

Disney Resort Line

The monorail station is also participating in Tanabata Days by offering a photo spot and wishing places! The wishing cards are unique to the resort line.

Are you excited for Tanabata this year?

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