TDR Explorer is Going to Disneyland for the 60th Anniversary!

TDR Explorer is heading to Disneyland Resort in California on July 26th and 27th, 2015! We have to see what all the fuss is about for the 60th Anniversary. Check out everything that California has to offer!

It has been a few years since we last visited California, hopefully we do not get asked for our ID cards at Cathay Circle this time and unable to enjoy the lovely beverages they offer. Although I am excited to see Carsland again, which is possibly one of the best themed lands across all Disney Parks (I said one of, not THE best which still goes to American Waterfront in DisneySea in my opinion.)

Say Hello & Get A Park Map

If you happen to see us in the parks (you won’t miss me, I plan on wearing my Chip N Dale Summer Festival clothing from DisneySea), please stop and say hi! I may even give you a park map from Tokyo Disney Resort! Follow us on Twitter to see where we are.

Tokyo Disney Resort Park Maps July 2015

If you see us in the Parks, come and say Hi and you may get a park map from Tokyo Disney Resort!

Tokyo DisneySea 2015 Outfit

Find me wearing this full outfit from Tokyo DisneySea! It is pretty loud so finding me is easy!

Tokyo DisneySea 2015 TShirt

Summer Festival T-Shirt from Tokyo DisneySea

Clarice Shorts Tokyo DisneySea 2015

Even comes with Clarice on it!

Chip N Dale Banana Shorts Tokyo DisneySea 2015

Have to admit that the pattern on these shorts are perfect

Chip N Dale Socks Tokyo DisneySea Summer 2015

These socks are beyond adorable

I am very excited to see everything that is happening at the Resort for the 60th Anniversary. Now, it is your turn to give us some advice. What do you recommend us to do while we are at Disneyland Resort for two days? Let us know in the comments, and if you see us please say Hi!

Photo provided by Tom Bricker at the DisneyTouristBlog.



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  1. Sandra Loey

    I read this tip from a commenter on the Disney Tourist Blog on how to get on Radiator Springs faster and tried it and it worked (you need to be in line before the park opens though, but you know the drill from TDL and TDS)!! Get to DCA and at Carthay Circle, you will see the crowd. Hang a left onto Hollywood Blvd. and go to the end. Then take a right at the Tower of Terror, walk past it, and you’ll see the entrance to Bugs Land blocked off. When the rope drops, they’ll let you though. Go into Bugsland, take the first left, follow it through until you get to the end that leads to Cars Land. That road takes you to the corner of Flo’s V8. This will save you precious minutes most of the time.
    We were extremely lucky as there was hardly anyone walking this way and they didn’t even hold us until rope drop so we were able to walk to Radiator Springs and ride with the early entry/Disney hotel guests and beat the rope drop crowd coming from the other direction.
    Hope you have a great trip! Sorry I won’t be there to see you in your Summer Festival gear : )

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