The Villains World at Tokyo DisneySea Review

“The Villains World” is a brand new harbor show in Mediterranean Harbor at Tokyo DisneySea for Halloween.  This 25 minute spectacular puts the Villains into the spotlight and features Maleficent, Ursula, Hades, Jafar, The Wicked Queen, and Captain Hook.  The Disney Villains put on a Halloween Party and invite your favourite Disney Friends to join the fun. Each of the characters decided for their Halloween costumes they will dress like the Villains (to show respect to their lovely hosts).

Donald Duck in Villains World

The music and costumes are top notch and is a fresh approach to Halloween entertainment in the parks (even though I loved Halloween Masquerade and New York Follies!)  With a mindset on being “fashionable,” the Disney characters and performers are outfitted with stunning, detailed costumes.

The Villains are, as expected, executed flawlessly. Hades towers over his minions (Pain and Panic), while Ursula sits atop a barge with her tentacles pouring over the edges.

The music itself is a mixture of high energy music, ominous voices, and even elements of hip-hop thrown in for good measure. “The Villains World” is guaranteed to get your groove on.

The Evil Queen from Snow White in Villains World

Overall the show takes the Villains and transforms these “bad guys” into the “cool kids,” while Mickey and Friends join in the fun with their well crafted costumes. Make sure you put this show in your plan while you soak in everything Tokyo DisneySea has to offer for Halloween.

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