Tokyo Disney Resort Thumper and Miss Bunny Merchandise 2019

Tokyo Disney Resort has unveiled a new range of Thumper and Miss Bunny merchandise, including plush badges, a body pillow, umbrellas, bags, and souvenir snacks.

All the items go on sale on April 1, 2019. The merchandise items will be available at Grand Emporium in Tokyo Disneyland and Emporio in DisneySea. Meanwhile, the souvenir snacks will be available in World Bazaar Confectionary in Disneyland, and Valentina’s Sweets in DisneySea.

Some items may be available in Bon Voyage and the Resort Hotel shops as well.

If you’re a fan of Tokyo Disney Resort’s unique character merchandise then be sure to check out the Buttercup the Unicorn items which are available now.

Thumper and Miss Bunny Merchandise

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Information and images from the Tokyo Disney Resort website.


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  1. John

    Sadly, no matter what browser I try, I am unable to see the images and clicking the broken image box doesn’t appear to work either – Error 1011

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